Thursday, November 27, 2008

Don't Stop Children From Growing Up

We always like to tell our children what or how they should think, feel or do. We remind them over and over again the things they must forgo and avoid. Like many others, we cannot resist measuring their progresses and achievements by our own yardsticks. But our guidance or assistance, and our overzealous and overpowering concerns do not seem to do much good. Family ties slowly deteriorate and weaken. This disrupts our relationship with one another. As time goes by, we suddenly realize that we become strangers.

We have learned important lessons from our past experiences. Sometimes, we have lived up to our expectations. Often we have fallen into great failures and depressions. Our past experiences make us what we are today. We are now of stronger character and able to stand strong. We expect our children to be like us and always listen to us. There goes a common saying that we eats more salt than the children eat rice.

It is hurting to behold our children fail in their endeavors. It is sad to watch them from afar struggling to match up to their race. But they refuse our assistance and our guidance because they want to act tough like their parents, not knowing that their parents were once as weak as them when they were young.

It is time to mend our relationships. Let us stop imposing our ways and values on our young ones. Let us rather stay beside them helping them to realize their vision, their interests and ambitions.

We take it for granted that what we have experienced have made us grow up. Most of us are conservative. Children must always respect and obey their elders. Failures to do so mean infidelity and rebellion.

We have done so much to discipline our young ones. We are scared that they may fall into similar troubles. But no matter how hard we try, we can never stop them from getting hurt and getting more scars both inside and outside.

Our life's scars remind us of our struggles, our victories and our failures. But they never stop us from facing the next life storm. If we are ready for any life storm, can't we rest assured that the Almighty God can carry our young ones through their next life storm?

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful post and the vivid colors of writing.

As we indeed see too many strangers around, it was especially lovely to read you. You help to grasp why did it happened so. Many are in desperate need to grasp that till now.