Monday, September 28, 2009

Even A Man Can Cry Too

I don't think I have seen him cry before.

He is always very strong and emotionally stable.

He doesn't shout, scream, or cry in public.

He is always stable, the pillar of the house in times of crisis or disaster.

Everybody in the house looks up to him when they have problems.

He is always helpful and kind, ever ready with ideas, suggestions and solutions.

And he will not rest until everything is settled.

He has, for the past many years, stands strong like a tall and big tree, ever ready to shelter all who comes near.

Everyone takes it for granted that he is truly the man of the house.

But that night in the hospital when my mom breathed her last, when others were not around, for the first time I saw him cry his heart out.

He was truly broken down when he cried out those words, "Mom, forgive me for not talking to you. I just don't know what to say."

He is my 2nd elder brother.

And he is truly a man.

But even a man can cry too.

Monday, September 21, 2009

If I Have Been More Consistent

Consistency is an important key to success in life.

Consistency is very important to self-improvements and group works.

Consistent parenting advice is vital to build up a happy family.

Consistent saving can bring good returns and accumulate tremendous wealth.

Consistent exercises and training can keep our body fit and healthy, build up our muscle and abilities, fill us with zeal, and prolong our lives.

Consistent good habits can make us feel young and energetic, build up our confidence and people's trust in us, get the results we desire and achieve our dreams, enhance our health and enrich our lives.

Consistent spiritual practices and disciplines can make us study through the Bible at least once, modeling God's love and truth in our lives, and constantly seeking spiritual growth and positive living.

But consistency is one of the hardest elements to master in life.

If only we have been more consistent
  • If we are more disciplined to follow every single step.
  • If we are more disciplined to go through every time.
  • If we are more disciplined to continue whatever our thought.
  • If we are more disciplined to persevere whatever our mood.
  • If we are more disciplined to struggle whatever our will.
  • If we are more disciplined to go on whatever the situation.
  • If we are more disciplined to stand up whatever the outcome.

... then life will be sweet and happy.

... then there will be peace and harmony.

... then there will be love and laughter.

... then there will be growth, progress, and development.

... then there will be less complaints and disputes.

... then there will be less jealousy and prejudice.

... then there will be less strife and contention.

... then there will be less quarrel and fight.

.......Yeah, the world will surely be a better place.

........If only we live our lives with more consistency.

Monday, September 14, 2009

I Also Love Sunset

At the close of the day, a beautiful sunset will be nice.

It is good to be able to sit on a beach, on mountain top or on high places, watching the sun sinking in the horizon and leaving us with lovely colors.

The sunset always reminds me of the close of a long day, a time to relax and rest, and to get back our strength.

The sunset also reminds me of a time to recount and contemplate on what I have done, and a time for prayer and thanksgiving to God.

The sunset also reminds me of a time for gathering and reunion with my family and friends, a time to reconcile and to restore, a time to love and to cherish, and a time to speak about the good old days.

And I enjoy watching sunset with my wife. It gives us more intimacy. It gives us more time to talk about love and everything under the sky.

I love sunset because it is the close of the day.

It is the time when the sun has to sleep also.

I love sunset because sometimes it ends all the unpleasant memories on a bad day.

Yeah, I love sunset.... I don't know why.... I just love sunset.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Love Sunrise

I love sunrise.

I love sunrise because it is God's every-24-hour new beginning. Every day, we get to try again, and I love that.

I love sunrise because it is the birth of the first day of the rest of my life and I can hope for good things to come.

I love sunrise because it begins my new day to live and to love.

I love sunrise because it gives me a ray of hope.

I love sunrise because everything is really calm and peaceful. Not much is going on yet. Not many people are up and about at that time of day.

I love sunrise because I can learn a lot of things.

I love sunrise because it means I have made it through the night, and everything is okay now.

I love sunrise because it means I can get up for a long and nice day.

I love sunrise because it is nice to watch the sun comes up and sees the darkness fades away.

I love sunrise because it is inviting to see colors come back to the world in all its glory.

I love sunrise because it is thrilling to see the birds, the insects, and the squirrels reappear and making all those noises.

I love sunrise because I can see butterflies flying around and watching me.

I enjoy watching sunrise because it makes me feel happy and ready to start a great day.

Do you love sunrise?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


It is in our nature to be judgmental.

Being judgmental is not stating an opinion or labeling something as "good" or "bad".

Being judgmental is to evaluate based on our quality of someone or something.

Most of us make up our minds about the people we meet in the first few seconds.

What is it in our minds that creates judgment of other people?

Our judgment of others comes swiftly, harshly and sometimes quite frankly and correctly.

But being judgmental is not always useful to us.

It is not good to look down on others, as if we are so much better.

Judgmental parents tend to be over critical, shaming and controlling their children.

I, for one, can be judgmental with people who are too judgmental.

Some women are extremely judgmental of men. But when that judgment is getting thrown back in their faces, men become the bad guys.

Are you a judgmental person? Do you like assuming and analyzing?

I am definitely not a judgmental person when it comes to someone's weight (I'm fat). But I am very judgmental regarding other things.

Is it good to be always judgmental?