Saturday, March 26, 2011

What Do You Miss Most in Life

There are some of us who cannot live without the television. They spend many hours everyday to watch their favorite shows and movies. And they will feel very miserable if one day the television is malfunctioning or if other connected components are at fault.

There are those who cannot live without the internet. Somehow they must spend many hours online before they can feel satisfied. There are many who enjoy sitting in front of the computer browsing the internet and their favorite social networking sites. Of course, there are those who are actually addicted to the computer games and cannot help but play some online games.

There are those who enjoy using electrical appliances at home. They have air conditioners and ceiling fans; they have electrical water heaters and hair dryer; they have refrigerator, microwave, iron, freezer, etc. When there is no electricity, they will be very miserable.

There are those who cannot live without water. They need to take bath; they need to drink and prepare food; they need to wash their vehicles, water their plants and flowers, clean the aquarium, etc. Water has very much become a part of their lives and they just cannot live without water.

Some people need transportation and communication. They just can't stay at home for long; they need to move about. They can't spend time alone for long, they need to talk with family, relatives, and friends to make themselves happy.

Some people enjoy food; different kinds of food. They love to go about looking for their favorite dishes. They know every corner of the streets where there are nice food, and they can smell them far away.

Different people love different things in life.

And life can be very miserable if they cannot have the things they want.

What about you? What do you miss most in life?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Still The Mind

I can't think. I just sit down, closing my eyes. My head is stuffed up with things; I can't tell what it is. I take long and slow deep breaths, trying to relax and alleviate stress. It must have been half a day since I am in such a condition. I look blankly around, then close my eyes again. I can hear the sounds of the heavy rain; I can feel the caress of the cold wind. I really need to calm down, I told myself. I really need to think straight. I want to regain my happiness and confidence again.

Too very often, when my mind had wandered, there was nothing much I could do. I would looked blankly at everything, feeling very lonely.

When I was young, I would hold my guitar and play sentimental songs. I would sing along, with emotions and feelings. There were times when I had partners, and we enjoyed singing and laughing together.

When I was alone, I would read a book, from beginning to the end. I just had to think straight; I just wanted to do something I loved.

There were times when I would cut the grass, dig the earth, tend my garden, clear the compound, burn the rubbish, etc. I was always looking out to do something.

There were times when I would drive around the town, with my wife and three children. We would go to the park, go shopping, eating, and have fun.

Ever since I took up jogging and running, I have more choices as to how I would spend my day. I like walking and jogging, they really help to reduce my stress level.


It is getting dark. It is still drizzling outside. Maybe I just have to watch some TV shows and be calm.

When the mind is trouble, it is confused.

It's time to still the mind.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Daily Troubles

Bad things happened one after another. It would be very heartbreaking and emotional damaging when we were under such situation. Imagine, our love one suddenly fell very sick, our relative passed away, and our very good friends decided to leave us. And they happened all at the same time or one after the other. How would we feel?

When life is steadily going along just the way it should be, we feel very calm, rejuvenated, refreshed, and peaceful. We are opened to new views and approaches; we entertain new ideas and form new opinions. Life is always fun and joy, always satisfying and fulfilling, and we want to feel it, have it, and love it that way.

But when bad things come our way, and they can come one after another, and when they cannot be stopped, life can be very miserable, stressful and depressing. We will normally lose our cool and composure and become troubled and confused, unable to find any peace.

It will be nice to have someone who can be by our side when we are troubled and confused. We would need someone who can accompany us, listen to us and comfort us; we may need someone who would help us out in the various household chores, etc.

But it would be nice if we can learn to shrug off our troubles. Life is amazing with the coming of a new day, new people, new experiences, new places, etc coming into our lives. It is enough to feel and deal with our daily troubles, and we don't need more.

Some of us are overwhelmed and anxious about too much troubles, and they begin to blame people, including themselves. All too often, we are creating a lot of unnecessary conflicts and fights, and people are not happy with us. It is time we learn to be patient and try to avoid all unnecessary troubles.

Maybe it is time for us to put our unresolved troubles behind us and move forward. Life is just too short to worry so much about so many troubles.

Let us always smile at the storm and always fight with all we have against our daily troubles.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Old Age

Are you afraid to grow old? I think everyone does, though many of us won't admit it. Though many of us put on makeup, wear cute, fancy or sexy clothes, dye and style the hair, put on a smile and a friendly face, etc. we cannot but admit that age is catching up.

But it is okay; we will welcome it when it comes, and respond to its opportunities with grace and good cheer. It will be another stage of life for us – to start work and to deal with the various relationships in life.

There will be grandchildren to cope with in a big family. It will be fun and interesting when the grandchildren come and squeeze near you with their requests and complains, with their innocent faces and smiles, with their giggling, laughing, crying, kidding, and various other expressions, etc. It will be fun and joy to see them go to school and start to become wise and intelligent.

There will be children to deal with in a big family. We are not sure whether they will be staying and living with us, since they have their own work and family commitments. We are not certain as to whether they will visit us often during the various important festivals and anniversaries; they may be busy and preoccupied with their lives and their busy schedules.

There will be family conflicts as well as emergency situations to tackle. There will be times when children and grandchildren quarrel and fight among themselves, causing various family turmoil and misunderstanding. There will be division and strife and utter confusion within the big family, and it will surely be a big headache.

There will be the health problems and the many dangerous diseases to address. There will be medical check up, fitness test, the daily workout and diet routines, etc. There will be healthy living, nutritional advice, exercise activities, etc to consider and reconsider.

There will be the spiritual aspects to consider. The days are slowly coming to an end. Now preparations have to be made to meet with the Lord. There will be more church going activities; there will be more prayer meetings, and listening to the words of God; there will be more fellowships and communions; more spiritual supports and practices.

There will be a time for everything, and there will be a time to grow old.

Are we ready?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Is Money Everything?

Money is a means to an end; without money, there will be a lot of things that we can't do. But money isn't everything and it is never an end in itself.

Without money, we will have difficulties meeting and fulfilling our needs and wants; we will have problems buying our food and clothings; we will have problems looking for shelter or a place to live, rest and keep our belongings; and we will have problems using and enjoying the various facilities and amenities.

With money, we can have a comfortable home, we can enjoy better food and clothings, and we can enjoy all the wonderful things in life.

But money isn't everything. Money will not be able to help us to live longer or to have more time to live and enjoy; money cannot help us to stay away from the various terminal diseases and painful illnesses; and money cannot buy us real happiness and contentment.

Everyone of us needs money to fulfill and satisfy our needs and wants, and to implement and realize our objectives and goals in life. Without money, we will have difficulties to survive, strive, and move forward.

But money isn't an end in itself. And we don't need to chase after money all the days of our life; there will come a time when we will have to say enough to money; we will have some other priorities in life.

The chief end of a God fearing man is always to worship God and to enjoy His blessings. What we want is a happy and healthy lifestyle, respect and honor, knowledge and wisdom, satisfaction and contentment, tender loving care, peace, prosperity, etc.

Everyone needs money but money is not the master of our life. We don't serve money as God; money is a tool to get what we want.

And so, at the end of the day, we ask ourselves what are we seeking after in life. Is it money in itself or is it what money can do for us?

Sometimes a change in emphasis can do a great job in changing our lives.

What do you think? Do you work for money or what money can buy?

Any comment or suggestion?

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