Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Three Adult Children

I have three adult children of my own. My wife and I have been married for 22 years come this August 2011. Two are studying in the other part of the country and the youngest is studying closer to home. They are aged 21, 20, and 17.

My eldest is a girl.

She loves making cakes and cookies. Every university holiday and festive holiday she will come back and one of her favorite past time is to make cake or cookie.

She is a close friend to her mother. They have a lot of things, knowledge and experience to share and they are talking to one another through the cell phone almost everyday.

My daughter is doing computer studies in a renowned local university. And she is doing well and is showing more confidence in her life and study.

My second is a boy.

He loves books and he is very disciplined. There are times when he buries himself in his books and forget about every other thing.

He is a close friend to his mother too. Occasionally, he will phone his mom, talking and sharing about everyday routines. But when he needs advices and opinions on academic and financial matters, he will look for me.

My son is doing his IB program locally and will be in UK later in the year.

My youngest is a girl.

She is active in sports and student activities, and always busy in school. Her teachers love her, and always want her to help in various activities.

She is also a close friend to her mother. They always have a lot to share and talk. Sometimes, she help to cook and do the house chores.

She is in her secondary school and is doing really well too.

I am proud of my children.

And I love them.

How about you?

How many children should a family have?
Is it better to have a girl or a boy first

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The English Language

It is difficult to learn something new, especially things that has nothing to do with our culture, tradition, history, or our ways of life. And I find this is especially true in the study of the English language.

For many of us, English language is not our mother tongue. It is not even part of our culture and tradition, our history and heritage, our ways of life and work, etc.

But surprisingly many of us have the English language as our second language, and some of us have a good command of English; and we read, write and speak very fluent English.

The usage of the English language is widespread and its applications are far reaching in my country. Virtually everything we think, say or do has something to do with the English language. There are even words in my mother tongue that are difficult to describe and explain without using the English language.

But it appears to me that many young people in my country are not interested in learning the proper English. They do know how to sing and play English songs, and they enjoy English movies and drama, but they have a hard time reading, writing and speaking English.

Sometimes I do question what we must do to make our people learn the English language.

Maybe teachers can try to make the English lessons more interesting and fun, and find ways to encourage and motivate students to learn the English language more quickly and easily.

Maybe teachers should stress the increasing importance and predominance of the English language in the modern world, and encourage students to pick up English as an important language.

Sometimes I wonder whether English language should be made the medium of instruction in my country again!

Once there was a policy to teach the Science and Mathematics subjects in the English language. The policy was scrapped after several years of implementation because of the overwhelming disagreement from the general public.

Sometimes I felt worried and frustrated at the attitude and willingness of our younger generation to learn the English language.

And I always think that there are more that we can do.

The English language is not a boring language.

The English language is not the hardest language.

But it is probably the most read, written and studied language.

And I believe every developing nation must encourage and promote the English language.

What do you think?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Childhood Friend

He wouldn't look at me; he continued to walk with his eyes looking at the floor. But I knew he saw me, since for quite a while our eyes met from afar.

I looked up and directly at him, waiting for him to look up so that I could greet him and talk to him. But he didn't, not once! He just continued to walk with his eyes looking at the floor.....

He was my childhood friend 40 years ago. We used to walk, talk and play together.


I continued to look at him. He looked haggard, with his thick hair and black spectacles, and his shirt was half opened. He seemed like mumbling and talking to himself; I had never seen him like this before.

I continued to fill up my van with fuel, my eyes never left him, but never once he looked up at me.


He was among the three adopted children of his parents. I remembered he was a smart kid with lots of promise.

Since young, he was well loved by his adopted parents.

He did well in his study and was always a promising student.

But I knew he was ambitious, very determined to make something out of himself.


30 years ago, I left my hometown to further my study; we had lost contact ever since.

When I came back, I saw him with a car accessory shop. I was very happy for him.

Later I was told that he had tricked his adopted parents into giving him money for his business. His adopted parents were furious; I was sad to be told by someone that he was abandoned by his adopted parents ever since!

If only he had waited longer, he would have received most of the inheritance, since he was the favorite son, I told myself.

Few years later, while talking to friends in a coffee shop, I was told that he had become a bankrupt! It shocked me, very much.


I filled up the tank.

I continued to look at him; never once I took my eyes away from him.

But he continued to walk away, much faster this time......

I sighed and cried within.....

I understood I had lost a childhood friend.

Monday, January 10, 2011

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