Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Paying The Father's Debts

I was watching a chinese TV series. There was this family of three. The mother was no more; the father had to bring up his children alone from small; he had one daughter and one son.

The father worked very hard everyday and made a good living. But he had a bad drinking habit. He had a hot temper too. Soon, he picked up gambling and was lazy to work.

The children was old enough to work. The daughter became a nightclub dancer and the son a pirated CD and DVD seller. Both were making a lot of money, but it was never enough to pay the father's increasing debts.

The two of them quietly talked over; they were not happy about what their father had done. But it was their own father who had brought them up from small!

But they could see no hope in the father; he would not change. In fact, his gambling habit had become worse lately. Something must be done, they cried to one another.

I was following the series. I wanted to know whether it had a happy or sad ending. It would be very sad if the family fell apart. But it would be very nice if they could work together as one, and solve their problems.

Though it may just be a TV story, but it does happen in real life, in various parts of the world. We may choose to ignore it and insist that it would never happen to us. But we can never be that sure; there are always uncertainties in life.

As I think of it, the father really must stop gambling. Gambling is not good for him as a family man. He must return to his work immediately or find a new work to support his family and begin to settle his debts. He must turn a new leave and be a good father once more to his children.

And I believe the children must switch their profession too. Working as a nightclub dancer is not good for the young lady. If she is not careful, she may fall into doing more evil. Then there would be no turning back. And it is not good for the young man to doing illegal business; he may be nabbed by the police and thrown into jail.

It only takes a few mistakes, and the family will fall apart. A bad gambling habit, some indecent and illegal jobs, etc can easily bring the family to an end.

It is time to bring the family together on a round table. It is time to talk over before it is too late. It will be sad to see them breaks apart. What would you do if you are related to the family?

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Giving away Children

I have a friend who was given away by her mother to her elder sister when she was just a very young girl.

My friend have many brothers and sisters, but her mother just couldn't support them all. The time was bad and there was much difficulty in finding jobs around. The commodity prices were so low; it was difficult to make ends meet. After much thought, her mother quietly decided to give her away to her elder sister who didn't have a child. The plan was talked over and the arrangement was made, soon my friend began to live with her adopted mother.

She had a good life with her adopted family. She was given everything she wanted, and she had a happy childhood there.

Her biological mother continued to visit her. But then, her daughter was starting to call her "auntie", since she was now officially her younger aunt.

It was 25 years later that her adopted mother passed away.

On the night before she passed away, she revealed to her her biological mother.

My friend had a difficult time accepting the astonishing news. It was impossible; she cried and cried until her heart was broken.

It was many years later that she finally accept her biological mother. It was not easy for her, but then her biological mother was on sickbed.

The two of them talked heartily and cried together for hours......

Would you give away your child because of poverty? Would you leave him or her with good family whom you can trust? Would you reveal to him or her your true identity?

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cats Are Intelligent

I have nine cats at home. My family and I are happy to have them around the house.

We started with a crippled kitten more than 10 years ago, when we moved into our new home. It was a white female cat left behind by her mother. I remembered seeing her mother came back a few times but refused to bring her along, probably knowing that she was in good hand.

Keeping cats was not our specialty; it was not an easy job for us. It was just that our children loved cats, so my wife and I decided to keep them behind the house.

My wife was very patient and kind when it came to taking care of our cats. She talked to them, taught them, gave them food and drink, etc. Sometimes I just sat by her side and smiled and laughed.

Initially the cats were terrible; they did their jobs everywhere. But in a year or two, they surprised us by urinating and passing feces in the wet toilet floor. Maybe cats are smart and clever too, and they can learn things fast.

From the start, we also faced problems feeding them; our cats just couldn't eat and share their food together. So we had to have separate plate of food for each one of them. Apparently they were happy that way and could eat very nicely and slowly. Of course, there would be those with insatiable appetite who continued to steal food from their 'family, relatives, and friends'.

I remembered when our first cat delivered her babies for the first time, we had problems and difficulties understanding and looking after her. We lacked the necessary experiences and we didn't know what to do. She finally gave birth after heavy bleeding; we lost our first two kittens that year. And the mother cat cried for days. But we were relieved that there were no more dead kittens after that incident.

All my cats knew how to lick and clean their body thoroughly, and a few even helped their friends to clean their body too. I believe cats are clean animal and they enjoy a clean environment too.

We have many cats and they are all very nice cats. We give away many, but we continue to have more to give.

It is our desire to keep some of our cats with us since they help us to finish our remainder food, and help us to deal with the rats and cockroaches.

But we continue to reduce the number of cats we keep, since there will come a time when we will be doing a lot of traveling. The children have grown up; two are studying far away and the youngest is planning to further her study soon.

But we love cats very much and we continue to feed our cats and other cats that visit our home. They come and then go, but surprisingly we have some who prefer to stay with us.

Do you have cats?

Do you think cats are intelligent?

Do you think cats are intelligent more by nature or by training?

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Alone And Bored

You are alone and bored. You sit down in the hallway. You look at the people; they are busy doing their own things. Some talk to the cell phone; some speak with friends or clients; some read newspapers and magazine; some enjoy music with their headphone and some were watching the TV programs.

No one looks at you; no one greets you. You are stranger to them. And you sit down alone on your cushion, sipping a cup of hot drink.

You used to have friends around you. You used to sit down together, sharing, laughing, smiling, eating, etc. It is fun and joy when you are surrounded with friends. But today you are alone... and bored.

You don't read a lot, or you will have read the newspapers and magazine.

You don't enjoy listening to music and watching TV programs in public places, or you will have joined the few sitting over there.

You do enjoy using cell phone. But no one is phoning you and no one seems to answer your call.

You are alone... and bored. And you are in a strange place with strange people. What would you do?

You look around, and you look out of a window. It is a beautiful scenery with trees and flowers, and there are people walking around and sitting on benches. You feel the urge to go there; you want to come out of your boredom.

You walk down the front porch of the hotel. There is a cool breeze in the early morning sunshine. You realize it is one of the nicest thing to do, seeing people nodding, smiling and greeting you. For the first time you ask yourself why you have never thought of it before. A stroll in the park. Isn't it beautiful?

You sit down on a stone bench. It is a cold, hard bench. But you enjoy the cooling sensation. Then you look at the morning dews on the leaves, sparkling in the sunlight. You like it, and you smile your sweetest smile.

You walk on the garden path and climb the many stairs. You are sweating and breathing heavy. It must have been a long while since you climb a long and winding stairs.

A look from the top is nice. Now you see many things in one stretch and many happenings. Now you understand how lonely and bored people can be when they refuse to greet, nod, smile, talk, and laugh with other people.

You found your answer. You climb down the long and winding stairs with a happy heart. You greet everyone. You nod your head, ready with a sweet smile. Sometimes you even stop and talk to people, and you laugh together.

You take your bath, and eat your breakfast.

You greet, you nod, you smile, and you talk and laugh with people.

Now you realize it.

Life can be so much better.