Thursday, November 26, 2009

O God, Thank You So Much

There are many things to thank God for.......

.......when it comes to the end of the year.

Thank God for His sustenance and abundant provisions.......

He has continued to give us a decent living with enough salary for the family needs.

And He has never left us without ample food, decent clothing and a home.

Thank God for His goodness, faithfulness, and longsuffering.......

He has continued to bear with us, despite our shortcomings, indiscretions and disobedience.

And He's always been good to us though we are not being good to Him.

Thank God for His instruction and guidance.......

He has never left us without someone to take care of us and help us.

Sometimes it's He Himself staying close to us, inspires us, comforts us, and assists us.

Thank God for His many answered prayers and blessings.......

We wouldn't be able to continue our life journey without His grace and protection.

And we wouldn't be able to live through our days without His daily and constant mercies.

Thank God for bringing my family to His Kingdom and His Church.......

Thank Him for His spiritual guidance, inspiration and protection.

Thank Him also for His many spiritual quests and conquests.

Thank God for His strength and healing.......

All things have become possible and tenable with Him.

And all wounds, weariness, and pains have become light and bearable when they are laid down upon His Cross.

O.......If only I have known God earlier and better.......

.......and continue to meditate on Him day and night.......

I will have look up to Him always and sin no more.......

O God, thank You so much.......

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Life Can Be That Simple

Sipping a cup of black hot coffee, I looked around the noodle shop.

The coffee was not that thick, but good enough to wake me up.

Not many customers were taking their meals during this peak hour. Many still felt the pinch of the ongoing global economic recession.

The noodle shop was rather quiet.

There were intermittent laughter and the occasional sound of moving chairs.

The shop owners tried their best to greet every one around with their usual business smiles.

I smiled back and enjoyed my quiet moment.

I like my quiet corner, though a bit too near the big fridge.

The coffee felt extraordinary tasty today.

Then came my dry noodle.

Quite a big bowl, most probably they were used to the request of a big sized man.

I knew it would cost me slightly more, but it didn't matter. What really mattered was I enjoyed my meal.

The noodle was not that hot, but rather oily.

No wonder many customers were rather big size.

The meat was slightly burnt round the edges but a perfect pink on the inside.... not bad.

And the stuffed tofu was nice, mixed well with the noodle.

And I was satisfied with my food, though it was just a simple meal.

Yah, I still have my durian for my tea time. LOL

...not bad for a quiet day.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Think I Believe In Fate

Do you believe in fate? I think I do.

I believe in fate because very few of us are born into rich and influential families. Some of us have to congregate in slum and squatter areas, bearing the brunt of poverty, prejudice and injustice.

I believe in fate because very few of us have knowledgeable and supportive parents. Some of us have parents who don't even value education and think schooling is a complete waste of time.

I believe in fate because very few of us have a teachable and humble spirit, and willing to learn from others. Some of us are so rebellious and vulgar, and are of bad tastes and bad thoughts.

Nonetheless I am not to be led into my unfortunate destiny without a fight.

I am determined to turn my fate with my knowledge and abilities.

I want to change, improve and enrich my lifestyles.

I want to expand and develop my horizon in my chosen fields and noble profession.

I want to strengthen and extend my controls over life issues and care.

In fact, I believe in a better tomorrow if I can change for the better.

But deep inside I know that there are things beyond my control.

There are things that I have tried long and hard on many occasions with varieties of means and ways, but nothing much or significant is accomplished so far.

These are the moments when I have to shout and scream because life becomes so dragging, so dull and so boring.

But I believe life is a journey of discovery, there are still many things under the sun that I must try.

I will not spend much time and effort mourning and agonizing myself with the unforeseen future.

In fact, I will quietly labor in faith in my present disposition and work for the future.

Yes, I do believe in fate... but that is no all... It's more....

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Neighbor's Children

She is such a sweet little girl. How can I miss her?

She stares at me with a pair of cute little eyes.

She plays with her skirt and bites her nails.

She is a little bit shy because of my serious face, but she tries to smile.

But the moment she sees my wife, she will scream and greet her with a broad smile.

She is my backdoor neighbor's youngest daughter.

And she knows and loves my wife.

How we miss that little girl.

Her innocent and carefree look on her face really melt our heart.......

Our youngest daughter will be in her 16s soon.

It has been quite a long while since we have children running in the house.

And I think both of us miss the fun and the excitement.

Nonetheless, life is a journey of discovery.......

More will come our way that is fun and exciting........

And there is no need to repeat the same routine........

We hold our hands together and smile to each other........

.......We can always take good care of our neighbor's children.

Yeah..... Why not?