Saturday, May 28, 2011

How Much Money?

We need money to buy all we want. It is next to impossible to provide for all our needs ourselves in the modern world.

Some people need a lot of money. They have many different commitments and responsibilities, and their lives revolve around the tedious task of obtaining more money everyday.

Some people live a simple lifestyle. What is important to them is to fulfill the basic needs of life; other things are secondary. They don't need a lot of money to keep them satisfied.

Some people prefer to work on their own and multiply their money. They are self made entrepreneurs. They may start with a small business venture, but they are always thinking and planning ahead on how to be successful and make themselves rich.

Some would bow to pressures in life, and choose rather to work for other people. They are used to the working routines doing what they are asked. They make money too, though not that much.

But then, there are also others whose hope is on the lottery tickets. They would examine and analyze the various number combinations and think of a few lucky numbers. Then they would buy some lotteries, and hope for the best.

Life is tough, especially when life is not smooth sailing. Many of us have become slaves to money. Without money, we are unable to make ends meet.

Some people want lots of money. But too much money is also not a good choice. There are people whose eyes and hearts are opened wide to money. They always want more, but they are seldom satisfied, even after they have obtained so much in life.

I enjoy having the few necessities in life, and therefore I don't need a lot of money.

A simple lifestyle is good; we don't always have to worry so much about how to earn more.

How about you?

Just how much money is enough for you?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Women Fighting On The Street

On a few occasions, I had seen some women quarreling over the love of a man on a busy street. There were many bystanders, curious as to know what's next. The man would just stand there, pleading with his two girls not to fight against one another on the street, and bringing embarrassments to the three of them. But the two women would not listen to him, and the fight eventually began.

The two women might be very close sisters or cousins, very good friends since childhood, or probably the next door neighbors. It was very unpleasant to see them pointing finger and hear them shouting and screaming at one another in public, with the crowds to cheer them on.

Women fight can be very furious with no rules, and they wouldn't giving up till the end. And sometimes, they even have to be separated by the crowd.

I am no fan of women fighting on the street; I never understand why many people like to watch and cheer and jeer when they see women quarrel and fight.

Sometimes, I turned my attention to the man with angry looks. I just couldn't understand why he must have the two women at the same time. Wasn't it enough just to fall in love with one of them? Then I would query myself as to why the two sisters, cousins, very good friends or neighbors must fight one another on a busy street over a man. What was so special about this man?

Would you fight on a street over a man/woman? Is it all that necessary? As for me I would just leave the relationship. There are more things to do than fighting over a man or a woman. Besides, there are many eligible candidates out there waiting for us to give our hands.

Fighting on a busy street is definitely not my kind of thing; I would never do it. I would never fight over a man or woman who doesn't have his/her total love on me.

Do you enjoy watching women fighting on the street? Do you enjoy hearing all those screaming and shouting at one another? Do you enjoy all the pulling, scratching, or tearing one another's clothes in public? Oh no! That is too much for me. I would never be ready for it.

Oh! Women fighting on the busy street...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Believe My Way

I was asked many times before if I believe in psychic power, astrology or predestination. Or let me put it in another way, a simpler way: Do I believe in destiny? My answer is always "Yes"... and "No".

I would rather say and claim that I believe in myself. I believe it is my own thoughts, my own feelings, my own doings, and my own everything that determine what I do and how I should live in this world. I believe it is up to me to decide on what I should do when it comes to dealing with my everyday situation in life.

I can't deny it; I believe in destiny too. I believe in God who is all powerful, all knowing and all loving, who constantly controls and monitors me and my being on the earth.

But one thing I hold true: I believe in changing my destiny; I believe by working harder and smarter, by seeing things in a newer and better perspective, and by doing things in a timely and organized way, I may be able to change the outcomes, claim more victories, and achieve greater successes and happiness in life.

There are many people who would depend on astrology, horoscope, feng shui, palm reading, divination etc. to rule and control their lives and destiny. But I would rather listen to my own thinking, understanding, and reasoning; I would rather have my own faith and beliefs, my own instinct and intuition, etc. when I am to deal with my life and destiny.

I don't claim to be perfect, or is able to achieve perfection in this life. But one thing I do: I will continue to work hard and adapt to various changes, and make my life a better life.

I will never be perfect in all my thoughts, feelings, doings, and everything...

And I may not be able to face and tackle every problem or difficulty in life...

But I think I will be more satisfied, contented, and happy...

... if I can work everything out my own way.

I believe in myself... I still do.

I believe in destiny... I believe in God.

But I believe it my way!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Is This A Good Year?

It is only the beginning of May. But many of us are feeling the stress and strain of everyday living. I can't resist but ask you these questions: How is your year going so far? Is this year a good or bad year for you?

For some of us, this is definitely a difficult question to answer. How do you define "good" or "bad" year? I really have no definite answer. I believe this very much depends on what the individual thinks.

But with the economic hardships that many of us are facing right now, it is definitely not a good year. The cost of fuel has increased greatly, so are the total expenditure on goods and services. With the high rate of unemployment and under employment, it is no surprise that many find it very difficult to make ends meet.

How about those countries with a lot of natural catastrophes? This is definitely not a good year for them. Many have suffered and died, and many are left to mourn for their loved ones. And for those who live in disasters prone areas, their lives would be filled with fear, anxiety, and hopelessness.

For those who have to deal with high housing, education and medical costs, this is definitely not a good year. Many housewives are now doing full time jobs or part time jobs, to help cover the costs.

How about you? Are you under the enormous pressure of life? How do you cope with it?

As for me, I do feel the pinch; it is really stressful and hard to cope with them all. But life must go on...

Hopefully the second half of the year is a good year.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I Have Problem Sleeping

I wonder what you would do when you can't fall asleep. I have tried many methods, but have yet to find an effective method for me. Some people said that they have workable remedies for sleeping problems, and they claim that they work well for them. I don't know; I am still searching for mine, and I have a hard time believing what they said.

I remembered when we were young, we seldom had problem sleeping. Sleep came easy and it was always a sound and deep sleep. A simple children's story, a gentle pat on the back, some body massage, a favorite song or tune etc., and soon we would fall into sweet and deep sleep.

But now when life is more complicated with its many ifs and maybes and buts, problems and troubles can drive us crazy at times. As a result, we are unsettled and unstable, and often have problems doing what we want to do...

When we are emotionally stressed out and exhausted, sleep sometimes eludes us. We would have a hard time wondering what to do to make us fall asleep.

When we are physically drained and fatigued, sleep can be overly exhausting too. And we end up having headache and body aches.

I don't know what to do every time when sleep eludes me. I would look at the blank walls and walk around from one corner to the other. I only hope that it wouldn't be long before I can fall to sleep again.

Maybe sleeping is a gift from God. It is God who puts us to sleep and it is He who would wake us up.

Maybe we need to pray to Him and learn to live in peace with our heart.

Oh sleep... sweet sleep.... Why do you elude me tonight?