Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Helping Hand

Helping someone in needs can be very fulfilling and satisfying.

It gives us better days. It gives us good thoughts and great feelings. It instills in us the desire and the zeal to do more good deeds.

Helping someone who cannot return our favors is really great. We can see their gratitude in their sparkling eyes. We can feel their overflowing joy that fills their hearts. We can enjoy their companies and the closeness of their fellowship.

But doing favor to those who never ask for help can have serious repercussions. They may not treasure or appreciate our offer, they may even look at us scornfully, and they may be full of criticism and bad reviews.

Sometimes we feel like giving up doing all good deeds. It can be very disheartening and discouraging when our free and willing services are not even acknowledged. It can be really hurt when others suspect us of bad motives and selfish intentions. Whatever it is, let us not refrained from doing good deeds to others.

Good or bad deeds always have its own rewards and punishments. And God is not blind. He will never forget a cheerful giver and a selfish and self-centered evil person.

Yeah, sometimes we do grumble when we do not receive our rewards. But as we ponder over, we realize that God has indeed blessed us many times over without we realizing them.

We are happy that everyone in the family is healthy and strong.

We are happy that all our children are diligent and hardworking in their studies and works.

We are happy that we are always surrounded by our family and friends who have never ceased to bring us joy, love, peace and hope.

We are happy that our living conditions have greatly improved over the years and we are now enjoying a higher and better standard of living.

Each day always brings us fresh hope. Each hope is always so fulfilling and satisfying. Day by day, blessing after blessing have been our manna and our drink. We lack nothing and we are always blessed in all good things.

Come what may, our God is working behind the scene, making our lives better all the way through thick and thin.

And who can say that God never bless a helping hand?

Monday, June 15, 2009

I Am 48

I am 48. Today is my birthday.

As it is, I want to keep a low profile.

But early in the morning, as I entered the office, my good friend readily shook my hand and wished me happy birthday. I was really touched. Personal greeting like that always brought me great joy and I really appreciated what he had done. I thanked him, but asked him to keep quiet about it.

I did my work as usual, making sure that everything was done tidily and accomplished in time. I enjoyed my quiet solitude. I was like someone knowing something really nice and trying to keep quiet about it. I had to pretend and hid my smile and laughter away.

Imagine, I am 48 and successful in life. I own a decent home, and a supportive and loving family, always living in harmony and peace, and always stay united and strong. And I have a great career and a good earning, and I really enjoy my work and my workplace. And I enjoy my small town and my neighborhood. And I enjoy the grace and mercy of God in everyday life. It is just wonderful and nice.

I was informed later that there would be a meeting at 11.30 a.m. To my surprise, we had a birthday gathering for me. My friend smiled at me and told me that birthday is to be celebrated. I thanked him for organizing the gathering. It did help in fostering ties and cooperation among us.

Later in the evening, we had a family feast, a happy moment when we savored all the nice food and drink. Stories and jokes were in the air and everyone was filled and satisfied.

Yeah, I am 48 and I have great family and friends. And I am really happy and satisfied with God's guidance in my life.

Given another 48. Will I be happy and satisfied? Sure! Why not?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Admiring Nature

Nature displays its glory and splendor, its knowledge and wisdom, its beauty and serenity, its harmony and perfection, and its many unsolved mysteries and secrets.

Now, it's now up to us to explore and develop, to take to heart and enjoy, to treasure and to share the many truths we are led to understand as the Almighty God patiently unveils and guides us into all truths.

Some of us are led to enjoy Its glory and splendor. They see the Almighty God as the marvelous Creator who has made everything good for man. They see the grace and mercy of God in preserving and sustaining the nature to its perfection. And they continue to praise and submit to Him who has provided and supervised their daily needs and wants.

Some of us are led to enjoy its knowledge and wisdom. They explore the minute details of God's creation. Nature has provided them with so much knowledge and wisdom that will take them many generations of research and observation to understand just a glimpse of the revealed truths.

Some of us are led to enjoy its beauty and serenity, its harmony and perfection. They love outdoor activities, sightseeing and tour, photography and video taking, music and rhythm, meditation and spiritual activities, and they enjoy living in harmony with nature and life, and completely removed from the hustle and bustle of human activities.

Some of us are led to enjoy its many unsolved mysteries and secrets. They develop and employ many theories and hypothesis to explain the unsolved and the unresolved phenomena in nature. Many scientific measurements and tests are carried out. Such perceptions and judgments extend our knowledge beyond our mere concepts of things, and make us mindful and fearful of God the Creator.

Nature continues to inspire us into many areas of learning. And the Almighty God continues to lead us into all understanding. But do we feel a sense of awe for God's presence in our world?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tender Loving Care

This blog is written primarily with the intention of spreading and sharing tender loving care with others and to make this world a better place to live.

Now, I never claim that I am an expert in love. In fact, I don't think I know much about feelings and love.

I believe I am still stubborn and rude, and most of the things I do still flow from selfish interest and self-love. But through blogging, I learn to have concern for others' feelings and interests. I will never be perfect in love but I will learn.

Now, I never claim that I am a romantic person with good personality. In fact, I don't think I have abundant thoughts to share and cherish with everyone.

I believe I am still self-pleasing and self-choosing. I don't easily mix around with friends and relatives just like my wife and my children. I can't tolerate certain topics of discussion. I don't like people criticizing others behind their back. I don't waste time on issues that are none of my concern. I don't enjoy shallow and empty discussion. And I just can't share much with people who have few common interests. But through blogging, I learn to have love for other people's thoughts and ways of thinking. I will never be perfect in sharing views but I will try.

Now, I never claim that I am a pragmatic person with practical approaches toward life. In fact, I don't think I can do much to help others.

I believe I am still short-sighted and self-serving. Sometimes I even forget my wife and my children birthdays, though they have never forgotten mine. Sometimes I do things without concern and regard for others. And in the end, I have aggravated family ties and relationships. But through blogging, I learn to develop communication and social skills. I learn to share more with my family and relatives. I will never be perfect in doing good but I will continue to do what I can.

Yeah, the world needs tender loving care and that is what bloggers must do.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Festive Season

It was 1st June 2009. The Dayak community in Sarawak celebrated the Gawai festival. On this occasion, they celebrated the season of rice harvest or padi harvesting season.

Many returned to their villages, bringing lots of food and drink. 

Many of the roads were congested with all the new and the old vehicles. 

The parking lots were just not enough to carter for the needs of the shoppers.

Many of the shopping malls and complexes were packed with people. It was impossible to walk through the crowd without touching or knocking someone. Greeting friends were difficult. Besides, shoppers needed to be extra careful with their pockets as there were pick pockets lurking around.

Early in the morning at 5 a.m., a famous shopping center was raged by fire. The upper storey was consumed, and the lower storey gutted. Shoppers who enjoyed its cheap goods and consumer-oriented services now had to move to nearby shopping centers. As a result, many racks were emptied, and the shopkeepers were smiling and laughing from ear to ear.

Traffic was really slow as there were many first-time drivers and careful drivers around. The weather was scorching hot and humid. The pedestrians hurried on their way. Everyone was sweating profusely bringing along their children and their goods.

Reaching our village house was nice. Everyone was beaming with joy and laughter. We greeted those we knew with even more stories and jokes.

My brother-in-law was entertaining a group of village boys when we arrived. They were enjoying themselves singing, laughing and talking. They sang with their coarse voices and they screamed when singing with high pitch. Their friends were laughing and jeering. Then the drinking session continued. I couldn't help laughing heartily but quietly. They were just horrible singers but you could see that they enjoyed themselves. "Maybe singing really is a great way to release and reduce tensions," I told myself as I hummed along.

Whether rich or poor, everyone will surely want to celebrate their festive seasons. Whether stressful or happy, everyone needs to sing, smile, and laugh along.

Yeah, it's festive season.....