Thursday, October 29, 2009

Don't Know Much About Love

Some say love is logical. There must be proper reasons why we fall in love. There are the various steps taken. And we can anticipate different outcomes because of different techniques and strategies used. And they say, stable love is based on mature and thoughtful reasoning.

Some say love is sentimental. There must be that intense feeling and passion about love. There must be that sudden encounters and excitements. There must be those meetings of eyes and beating of hearts before we fall in love. And they say, romantic love is the result of those chemical reactions.

Some say love is persuasion. There must be those careful plots and drives to generate moves that can win and capture hearts. There must be those bright ideas and skills found in romantic books and movies that culminate in the winning of noble prize. And they say, winsome love is the outcome of many persuasions.

I don't know....

I am getting more confused about love.

Sometimes love is not just logical thinking, sentimental feeling, or persuasive action.

It just comes naturally out of understanding, feeling or mutual consideration.

There are people who say love is a destiny and is not for everyone.

Others believe that love is a learning curve that requires much passion and planning.

But this is always the nature of love, a world filled with mysteries and amazing things.

Come love... Love is in the air

Though many, including myself don't know much about love.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Let's Love

Some see love as a possession.

They want to acquire everything good in their lives.

And they will take very good care of them.

Some they keep for life. Others they keep for a time.

And they are happy with what they possess.


Some see love as a sacrifice.

They want to please everyone in their lives.

And they will take very good care of them.

Some they have for life. Others they have for a time.

And they are happy with their sacrifices.


Some see love as a sharing experience.

They enjoy mutual love and understanding.

And they treasure everyone of them.

Some have wider circle of friends. Others have few close friends.

And they are happy with their moments of sharing.


Love is never easy.

Love is never perfect.

But once it starts, it will grow and blossom.

But love is not difficult.

Everyone can love and do love.

And it can be so hot and embracing.


True love never dies.

True love tries hard not to lie.


The greatest gift of all is love.

When there is true love, there is life... and life everlasting.

So let's love.......

...........and love to the fullest.

Friday, October 16, 2009

One People One World

A kind gesture, act, or favor goes a long way.

That is what we used to hear ever since we are young.

We are told that we will not miss our blessings if we desire in our heart to do good.

We are told about certain bad repercussions will haunt us if we refuse others their rights to be heard or favored.

And many of us still believe these to be so.


We are all administrators of God's gifts and talents.

None of them belongs totally to us and for us; we are to share them with others.

If we refuse, they may be taken away from us.

But the beautiful thing about giving is this – the more we give, the more we will receive.


Therefore the spirit of generosity and care begins to dwell in us ever since we are young.

And it begins and continues to show its fruits in due time.


Yeah, many of us may not be cheerful givers at time, but we have learned to be more generous and kind as time goes by.

Of course, there are times when we will have to contemplate and give with discretion and discernment.

As the Scripture says, we do not give pearls to swines; they will not appreciate our efforts and contributions.

The spirit of togetherness must be kept in our hearts.

Do not let anyone or anything tear it away.

That is how a household is built.

That is how a community is formed and maintained.

That is how a nation is being measured.

And that is how the world stands as one.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I Want It My Way

Life can be pretty lonely sometimes when we are on our own. We may spend much time doing gardening, exercising, reading, shopping, or some charity works. But there will surely be times spent sighing and shaking the head when no one is around us or willing to speak to us.

We are social beings and we need family, relatives, friends and neighbors around us. Their present will brighten up our day and influence our lives.

Some of us always hold on to our ideas and beliefs. We always insist that we are right. And if we are wrong, we want to be proved wrong.

Many of our good friends are finding it more and more difficult to bear with us and tolerate all our flaws. Eventually they leave us one after another. They just cannot continue that way anymore.

We say to ourselves it is okay that they have left us. We start to have new friends and continue to spread and teach our ideas and beliefs. This time we try our best to adapt to their ways. Time will tell just how long they will bear with us and our ideologies.

We are what we are on the inside and not how we portray ourselves..... We can't hide.

Some of us insist on speaking our heart out. Some say maybe we need to hold up a little. Others are still undecided, with their ever growing internal struggles and fights.

I can't tell you which one is right; to please ourselves or the people around us. But sometimes what we have said hurt others to the core and many just don't like it.

Some of us insist on doing it and end up a loner.

Some give in a little and walk with a few friends on their life journey.

Some compromise so much that they make no stance.

The choice is our – our ideologies or the people around us.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Stretch My Thoughts A Little

Lately I wonder if I have stretched my thoughts a little or have become too emotional.

If I have been eager to stretch my thoughts, I will have less queries and complaints about my life and daily activities.

I will be more imaginative and creative to do all things well and easy.

I will be eager to occupy my time on all my works and hobbies.

I will find ways and means to correct, improve and expand my abilities to excel.

And I will not entertain empty and meaningless talks.

And I will not meddle into other people's affairs unnecessarily.

As it is, there are always the inclination to slow down and enjoy life and see how others are performing.

It is okay and there is nothing wrong with that.

But I realize that I have the tendency to linger longer...

And as I do, I become more emotional and moody.... and refuse to continue the struggles.....

Life is a lonesome journey that needs much encouragement and support.

And I think I am badly in need of that.

Stretch my thought a little.... and a little more.