Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No Man Is An Island

No man is an island. It is difficult to imagine someone living in a remote place alone for a long time, without family and friends supports. Life can really be miserable when we have to live and do everything on our own.

But then, that is what some of us are. We work far away from our home, and some of us have hardly seen home for months and years. We seldom can take leave because of the busy work schedule and the demanding nature of the job. And some of us cannot ask for a short holiday because it takes us days to reach home and come back again.

But then, when opportunity comes knocking, and when we have someone around who can shoulder our responsibilities, we finally can make a trip home. Imagine the excitements and expectations of going home to see our family and friends. it is really marvelous!

But I have a few colleagues that don't seem to have a home. They are always around the workplace every single day, including weekends and holidays. They are always seen doing things on their own; very seldom can we see them interacting and communicating with others.

Life can be difficult to define when we are without our family and friends, and it can be very frustrating, slow, and hard when we have problems socializing and enjoy the company of people. But then, we still see some people around who prefer to live alone.

Some of my colleagues are reaching their retirement age. I don't know where they will go after this. They don't seem to have family and friends, and I believe it will be difficult for them to leave their familiar workplace. I can't imagine how they will fare after this. Some of those who have retired did come back to visit us; there was a tinge of sadness in their eyes.

No man is an island. Sooner or later we will realize and acknowledge it. But just how many of us learned it only when it was too late?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chasing Dreams

It is nice to know that our children are doing well in school, that they are studying really hard for their future. It is very pleasing and encouraging to hear that they score in their tests and exams, and that they are receiving prizes in the school prize giving day.

I am proud and happy to know that my children are doing well in their studies. Thinking back, I enjoyed seeing them spending time on their own, reading, studying, and practicing on their school works and activities.

As parents, we have facilitated their studies. We have provided them everything they need and want in their academic pursuit; we have given them careful attention, motivation, inspiration and encouragement; we have given them emotional, instructional, behavioral, spiritual, and provisional supports. And there they are, standing tall, proud, and strong in front of us.

Now that they are given scholarships to further their studies, I am very proud of them. Without their efforts and the government sponsorship, I would not have been able to send them to renowned and well-respected universities to study. But there they are, they have finally arrived!

I have less worry about their jobs and future, now that they are do well in the universities. I continue to advise and communicate with them. My prayer and hope is that they will continue to do well, and work hard for their dreams and succeed.

Oh yes! They will still need my concern, care, and compassion; they will still need my attentions, prayers, and supports. And I will continue to supply and support them.

They may need a shoulder to cry and lean on, a pair of good listening ears, a sharp mind to advice, or a hug to help their heavy hearts, etc. I will do just that. Oh yes! I will.

When the bird is ready to fly, we must let it fly, and we must let it fly high, soar up to the sky. We will send our best wishes, our hopes, our prayers, our supports, etc., to them, and we will continue to watch over them and be ready to help them.


They are ready to fly....

And we must let them fly...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Avoiding The Job

When given more tasks, some people will grumble, mumble, and complain. It seems very unreasonable for them to be given the extra burden when other individuals are relaxing and laughing away. They would show their unhappy faces throughout the day and it would be difficult to go near them without facing any trouble. But if others are given the tasks, they would smile and laugh from behind. They feel fortunate that they are not the victims.

In a big organization we often need people to help do the jobs when certain individuals are unable to come to work. There are datelines to meet, reports to submit, project to complete. The jobs cannot be delayed; someone or someones must help accomplish the tasks.

It can be stressful when we have colleagues who cannot work as a team. Often, there are quarrels and fights, envy and jealousy, backbiting and slandering, attacking and sabotaging, etc. They form cliques and groups, and are unwilling to work with others.

Often, we have the quiet people who will faithfully and unfailing accomplish most of the tasks in the organization. They would accept the extra burden with a willing heart and a welcoming spirit. They work for the organization and that is what they are paid to do, and they are happy and satisfied.

Sitting at one corner, I am asking myself which group I belong. Would I continue to do what I am told or would I rebel? If so, then who will do the job?

The policy makers are having heartache, so are the various working committees. More works are to be done, but many are unwilling. Someone must do the task, I told myself, and offer a helping hand.

Someone must do the job. Would that be you?

Friday, April 8, 2011

Talking With Younger People

Conversations between different age groups often lead to problems and troubles because of misunderstanding and conflicts of ideas.

We start off with a common topic that we are interested in. We speak freely and openly about it. But the moment we delve deeper and wider into the topic, we find that we have problems understanding one another because of historical, religious, cultural, ethnic etc. backgrounds.

As the older generation, sometimes we do feel very old talking about modern interests and goals. And the younger people seem not to have interest listening to what we have to say. Are we really that old to talk about modern trends and developments?

I believe as we grow older, we must really read up and familiarize ourselves with the latest technologies and practical applications. Time is changing and we must move forward toward it. There is no end to knowledge and information, and we must not give up but continue to keep track.

As older people, we must learn to be wiser and cleverer, and keep pace with the latest developments and trends. We need not feel uneasy; they are just new ways of doing old things. There is nothing really that difficult that older people cannot do at all.

I always look forward to meet and talk with the younger people. I don't believe I am too old to talk to them. I just need a little more reading and thinking, and try to follow the latest trends and fashions. I am not that old after all.

So the next time when we start conversation with the younger people, remember, we are not incapable to speak with them. In fact, we can still be a good guide to them even in the new things. Remember, we are definitely wiser and more experienced than them.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Women Protection

Many women feel that they are weak and vulnerable; They often think that they are not safe enough wherever they are or wherever they go. It is a true fact that being a weaker sex, women are often bothered, bullied and attacked by bad guys who prey on them. But they needn't have to be so. There are always some guides and tips that women can use to protect themselves to some extent.

It is necessary for women to always look confident in public places. They must walk around and behave confidently. Usually people wouldn't disturb and assault women who have an air of confidence. Even in unfamiliar places, women must always act as if they are familiar with the place. Women who look scared, nervous, and weak have often become easy targets.

It is also necessary for women to learn to be sensitive to their surroundings. They must pay attention to how and where they walk, what they say or do; they must beware of the surrounding people and happenings, etc. In short, they must pay attention to everything around them.

It would be good if women can avoid walking alone in unfamiliar places, especially during the night. There are many incidents of these sorts of assault in the mass media.

It would be good if women can carry along some sorts of weapon. A whistle, a pepper spray, a stun gun, a walking stick, or even a heavy handbag or purse can be a great help in times of troubles. It may be helpful if they can take along a dog too.

It would be good for women to learn some martial arts. They must learn of the various vital points of attack, like kicking between the legs, giving a strong punch on the nose, etc. Yelling, shouting, and running into crowded areas will help too.

Of course, there are many other things and methods that women can use to protect themselves to some extent. They may not be effective sometimes. But at least, they are great helps in times of need.

Above all, it is best that women try not to be alone in isolated places. And it would be good if they have some sorts of protection and a cell phone to inform others of their whereabouts.

It is best that women learn to be careful; the world is not safe for them.