Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year Resolutions

It is the last day of the year 2010. In a few more hours, we will be celebrating our new year 2011.

Often when we come to the end of the year, we will analyze our life and then plan out what we want to do for the coming year.

Some of our new year resolutions have to do with ourselves. We may be targeting a weight loss, or thinking of making more money through online or offline jobs, or planning to get engaged and married.

Some of our new year resolutions have to do with our family. We maybe thinking of moving house or getting a new car. We maybe planning to send our children to schools, colleges and universities. We may want a new baby or adopt a child.

Whatever new year resolutions we have, it is good to plan and carry them out properly.

Life is short, and it will be good if we can make our life better and fuller in the coming year.

Some people are aiming too high; they have resolutions that cannot be achieved in a year's time. They have resolutions for show to someone; they have no desire to achieve their goals.

There is no point in making resolution that we don't and can't keep it. It is merely a waste of time to show and tell people what we want to do, when we have no desire to carry it out.

I have lost 12 kg for the whole of this years. My resolution is to achieve a double digit weight soon. And when I have achieved my target, I will be ready for another targeted weight.

I believe we must learn to make resolutions that we can achieve in a reasonable time frame.

There is nothing wrong in making resolution; in fact I welcome everyone to have theirs.

It will be good if everyone makes realistic and achievable resolutions for the year 2011.

Do you have your new year's resolution?

Are you ready for year 2011?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas To You

Merry Christmas to you!

Is everyone coming home this holiday?
It will be nice to gather together, talk about old times and the latest happenings, talk about plans and resolutions, have fun and parties, be happy and free from stress.

Are you away from home?
Now, you don't have to celebrate alone.
There will always be places to go and friends to visit.
They will always be parties and fun times together.

Are you ready to celebrate?
Have you cleaned and furnish the house?
How about the decorations and the lighting?
How about the food and drink?
Do you have enough helpers?

Have you estimated how many visitors are coming?
Will they be all coming?
Do you require them to make appointment?
How about unforeseen visitors and strangers?
Will they be coming in big groups?

It is always fun to have family, relatives, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and many others around us during this festive season.
But it can and will be rather embarrassing if we are not ready.

So, do you think you have everything ready?
Will there be a last minute change?


Merry Christmas to you

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Heated Discussion

Now in a discussion, you state and explain your view. You talk with confidence. You feel very strongly that you are right. Many around don't agree with you. Some are seen even shaking their heads. Would you continue to insist on your view, or would you keep very quiet, or would you walk out? What would you do?
Some people wouldn't give up. They think they are right and they want to prove to others they are right. Are you like that and do you like it? Are you going to fight for your rights until you are proven otherwise?
Some people prefer to keep quiet. But it doesn't mean that they are defeated. They want to understand why others don't agree with them and cannot accept their views, and they are giving chances to others to explain their stand.
Some people just keep quiet or may just walk out of the conference room, feeling rather angry, disgusted and disappointed.
In any debate or discussion, we must be responsible people. We don't always expect people to have the same opinions like us; we must expect to receive different view and opinions. The idea here is to respect people's view and accept good instructions. Sometimes, we even have to modify our views to adapt to their views.
Arguing too much will only bring about bad feelings and sour taste. Some even come to a stage of criticizing one another and talking and stabbing each other's back. The relationship turns ugly, different cliques and separations are formed, making the situation worse! This must not be!
So the next time when you are ready to join a debate or a discussion, be ready to accept one another, be ready to consider one another's views, and be ready to make peace and not war.
Debates and discussion are good things. They work towards the betterment of the human kind. Of course, they are many debates and discussions that are really a waste of time, especially when the organizing committees have no idea of what they are doing and talking, and certain strong party begins to take charge to push over their personal views!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Is It Okay To Call Students 'Stupid'?

Will you shout at students and call them 'stupid'?
Will you do it in public?
Will you insult them with words like 'silly', 'stupid', 'moron', 'idiot' or 'foolish'?
I was watching a group of students punished by the duty teachers.
The atmosphere was tense and charged;
You could feel the students' fear and anger.
I turned around and walked away;
I just couldn't bear to see what came next.
Is it okay to call students 'Stupid'?
Is it okay to insult them?
Teachers are role-models;
Teachers are good examples to follow.
Teachers shouldn't be so aggressive and intimating.
Wasn't it enough just to tell them their wrongs;
And punish them according to the rules and regulations?
Why used those bad words?
I remembered teachers using bad words in naughty classes;
It caused me more pain and disappointment.
I knew teachers are stressful with their works.
I knew teachers had many unrelated extra duties.
I knew the class size was big and students naughty.
But teaching is a noble profession.
Teachers are supposed to teach the students well;
Teachers are purposed to get them ready for their future.
Calling students 'stupid' is not good;
Calling students 'stupid' will only make them lose their self-respect and confidence.
Someones said, "Teachers are second parents to the students;
And they care a lot about them."
I remembered my great teachers in the past;
I was full of love and praise for them.
Without them, I wouldn't be who I am today.
Vaguely from far I could still hear the bad words.
I took a few peeps and saw students passing by ran away.
It's definitely not good to do it in public.
Is it okay for teachers to call the students 'stupid'?
If they are not right, we can tell them they are wrong;
We don't have to label them as 'silly' or 'stupid'.
Is it okay for teachers to call the students 'stupid'?
No. Teachers are role-model;
Student learn from their teachers.
What if students also call the teachers 'stupid'?
It's just not right to call the students 'stupid'.
Those bad words must go.
Those labelings are bad;
It is not good for the school.
No. It's just not okay;
It's never okay to call students stupid in school

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Will you marry someone who is illiterate?

Is it very important to you to marry someone who can read and write?

These were among the questions lingered in my mind when I started to choose my life partner many years ago.

Of course, it will be good if both of you can read and write; it helps a lot in the everyday interaction and activities.

But what if you decide to love someone who just cannot read and write? Will you marry him or her?

Some said love is irresistible and beyond boundary.

They said family background, literacy, social status, race and nationality, etc should never be a hindrance to love.

Will you agree? Will your family agree?

So what would you do? Would you marry her? Would you marry him?

As for me, what is important in love and marriage is UNDERSTANDING.

Do you understand one another?

Can you accept one another in everything?

Do you forgive one another and try to do better for one another as days go by?

Understanding is better than literacy.

I have seen wise and clever people who are impossible to get along with;

I have seen illiterate people who are so helpful and kind, and humble.

Love break all laws! All boundaries!

Love breaks all barriers!

Love needs trust, understanding, dedication, respect and commitment.

Love doesn't need literacy!

Do you agree with me?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Buying A House

If you are making the decision, where would you want your house to be?

I believe many would want it to be near to their workplace. It is easy that way if you have problem waking up or your morning routines are one of the first big hurdles that you have to tackle everyday.

Some would want it to be near to their parents and siblings, relatives and friends. Most of us just can't live alone for long; we would love to talk to someone we know, care and love. We would love to have gatherings, discussion and parties once in a while. Some would prefer to be near to their in-laws to please and satisfy the wife.

Some would prefer to be near to the schools their children study, since they may have many extra classes and extracurricular activities.

Some would prefer it to be near to the town or city to enjoy a luxurious and lavish lifestyle. Here everything is ready and if you have the money, many things are available readily.

Some would prefer to live in the outskirt to escape from the hassle and bustle of the city and the nightlife.

Whatever we do in the matter of buying a house, it should suit the convenience of everyone besides ourselves. And it is not easy.

Imagine the couples from different parts of the world, where would they build their house? Whichever they choose, the cost of traveling and visiting will be high!

Imagine the workplace is far away from the schools, which would you choose? It would definitely be a heartache for someones in the family.

And imagine it is away from shopping complexes, restaurants, recreational outlets, or the town or city itself, it would be a hard time to fulfill our needs and wants.

So where would you buy or build your house?

Some would prefer a movable house. What do you think?