Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Are You Satisfied?

Adam is created a loner. He is to take care of the Garden of Eden. God has filled the Garden with plenty of beautiful fauna and flora. The natural landscape is just amazing, and rivers of running water flowing through the areas.

Adam is amply provided. There are varieties of fruit-bearing trees and seed-producing trees. There are different herbal plants for various purposes. There are all types of flowers and plants. Life is wonderful and satisfying. But Adam is not happy.

Adam is surrounded with beautiful scenery. There are mountains ranges, low hills, flat plateaus and plains. There are snow and rain. There are cool wind and breeze blowing everywhere. There is fair and sunny weather. There are cold and refreshing streams and waterfalls. There are sunlight, moonlight, and starlight. Life is so nice and stimulating. But Adam is lonely.

Adam has many friends. All types of animals and creatures are with him. They are all friendly and kind, and Adam can even call them by name. There are also birds in the air and fish in the water. They are reptiles, amphibians, and many different types of inserts. It is like living in a never-ending fairy tale. But Adam continues to sigh and groan.

Adam is lonely, seeking after a partner of his kind. There is so much love to cherish. There is so much feeling to share. And there is so much knowledge to impart. Adam needs someone who understands him, cares for him, and fills him with that wonderful feeling called love. Adam finally cries out to God for a life partner.

Eve is wonderfully provided for Adam to assist and complement him. Eve is truly Adam's perfect love. Adam is not lonely anymore.

When we are contented and life is satisfying, we live life to the fullest, sharing with someone we truly love and cherish. But when we are not contented and life is no more satisfying, we start to put blames on one another.

Adam and Eve finally fall to the temptation of the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. And they no longer live in peace and harmony with anyone, including themselves. And the sad fact of their life is that they are separated from God and chased out of the beautiful Garden of Eden.

Now we are called to manage our life. God has given abundantly our needs for talents. We are well-equipped with all that we are called to do. Life is tiring but fulfilling. And we are satisfied.

Yes, many of us are lonely, ever seeking someone to share our love. And somehow somewhere somewhat God provides us with a life partner. We live together, full of many happy moments.

Are we feeling contented and satisfied? Or are we still chasing meaninglessly after the wind of life?

What God wants us to do is simply this: to worship and to enjoy Him with a simple and contented lifestyle.

Are you in?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Moment Of Silence

Lately, I spend more time in silence. Silence has become my friend. I am getting more quiet than usual, both at home and in office.

Instead of words, I prefer to use a smile now. And I don't meddle into things that doesn't require my attention. I love to see things from afar, only share my views when it is absolutely necessary.

Of course, I still have my circle of friends, one of my most treasured assets. But I am getting more selective these days, since there are too many busy talkers and rumor-mongers around us.

I enjoy working in silence. I read, write, count or type while listening to soft and soothing music in a small but quiet room. And I enjoy total silence when I pray and submit myself to God.

A moment of silence helps to avoid unnecessary impulses. It also helps to take more constructive actions. The practice of silence can rule our daily life so that we don't harm myself and others.

Silence always let me have an upper hand in any discussion, dispute or quarrel. It gives me the patience and tolerance I need in the face of people's remarks, insults or criticism. It helps me to communicate with others more effectively. It helps me to draw attention to what I am trying to say, and it helps me to pace my speech. The practice of silence helps to convey acceptance and trust.

Silence also helps me to conquer my weakness. It helps me to settle down fast, reducing my anxiety and desperation. It helps me to understand myself better by re-evaluating my life. And it helps me to put my life into perspective.

Silence also helps me to enjoy my life. It helps me to define music from noise, it helps me to give shape to the phrases I say, and it allows me to breathe more slowly and properly.

Silence also helps me to listen to God's words. It helps me to gather my thoughts and turn my attention toward the sacred Word of God.

I believe a moment of silence is a necessary ingredient for a simple and contented lifestyle.

"Be still, and know that I am God" (Psalm 46:10).

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


This is our final 100 steps.

It is not an easy decision but we make up our mind to go through it.

We have been friends and lovers for a very long time now. Yet we have so much disagreements and conflicts between us. We seldom see things eyes to eyes. We are always stubborn and rude to one another, and we can't communicate for a long while without an argument. And now we have started smearing each other's reputations and hurting each other's feelings. It is just too painful to continue with the way things are. Let's just part and say goodbye.

It is not easy to step out our first few steps. Our hearts are torn apart with griefs and pains. Our tears start to flow like rain. And our every step is really slow and heavy.

We silently move on a few more steps. It is never easy to part with someone you truly love and care. But it has to be done. We are not meant for each other.

Our breathing is getting heavier and we are moaning louder. We don't seem to care about the people we pass. We are oblivious of the heavy traffic around us. Deep inside us, we can still hear the still small voice, "No, no... Please don't go."

We pause for a moment, yearning to turn back and say we are sorry. But our ego urges us to do otherwise.

The night is dark and cold, shiver to the bones. You must be cold. See, the strong winds and the rain. It is a cold and lonely night. And our hearts are really cold. But we have another fifty steps to go.

We are 100 feet apart now. We are half way through our final journey. Another 50 steps, we will be total strangers. What happens if we see each others again often?

It is not easy to get away from this place. We have so much memories here. Here we smile and laugh heartily together. Here we love and cherish one another. Here we sow all our love and care. And here we cry and ....

The rain is getting heavy. Everyone starts to run. But we slowly continue our final journey. Vehicles speed through, splashing all over our body.

The 100th step finally comes. It is really a torture. How can I put down that final step? It takes so long to grow that relationship. It takes so long to nourish it and make it blossoms. How can cruel...let it die and no more?

I stop and I turn around... Oh, please don't go.................................

The I see you, right in front of me, swelling with tears, telling me softly that you are sorry.

And we hug and we kiss for a long long while...................................

Then someone startled me from my musing, "Sir, we are closed for the day."

I woke up with a awkward smile, and hurried shyly out of the cafe.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

How Little That I Know

When we are young, we enjoy exploring our dream world. We are so eager to learn that we can't wait to get up from our bed every morning. Each day brings new adventure. And nothing seems to stop us from pursuing the things of the world.

From very early, we are told to seek knowledge. Knowledge can free us from ignorance, and empower us to live more consciously and to engage in life with greater understanding. Knowledge can give us the wisdom to lead the life successfully. Knowledge can give us comfort. Knowledge can give us the wisdom to make superior decisions. And knowledge can give us guidance to overcome problems we meet in the daily life.

As we grow, we discover that there are so much to learn and there are so much that we have learned. But there is no end in our search for knowledge and wisdom. We delve deeper and wider into our fields of expertise, and we are feeling proud of all our advancements and achievements. We become experts in our fields of work. But deep inside, we are aware that we are far from perfection.

Some have dedicated all their time and effort to perfecting the knowledge they have learned. They engross themselves in the study of their knowledge. And many of them begin to worship their knowledge rather than God the Creator who has given them the knowledge and wisdom.

And then we grow old. We find ourselves unable to pace our life according to our knowledge. We often spill our food and drink, we slip and fall, we doze off easily while watching TV, we walk with shaking knees and legs, and we easily forget the things we say or do. Heaven knows how frail and venerable we have become.

Then we begin to treasure every breath we draw, every step we take, every food we eat, and everything we see, hear, or smell. Life has become so wonderful, and we begin to marvel at God our Creator who have given abundantly all our needs and wants.

And then we sigh at our folly. All the years we have been chasing after the wind, not knowing that life is so simple. From the beginning, God has designed us to worship Him and enjoy Him forever.

Oh God! How little that I know.

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Innocent Children

If you ever spend quality time with your children, you will realize that you know so little about them, yet they know so much about you.

If you just spend a little more time with your children, you will be surprised at how much you can learn.

When you draw near to your children....
  • They will yearn for your attention.
  • They will touch you, hold you, and hug you to tell you how much you mean to them.
  • They will wait attentively to what you have to say without interrupting.
  • They will look at you in the eyes. You have their full attention no matter what you say or do.
  • They will answer you promptly the moment you ask them.
  • And they will speak sweetly, softly yet audibly to you.
  • They will do all your biddings.

When your children do wrong...
  • Their speech is always so simple yet so true.
  • They will disclose to you all the truths.
  • They are never good in making up stories. They will giggle or hide their hands behind their back the moment they are discovered... or they will be scared and start to cry.
  • And they will say how sorry they are and try to make amends.

When you play or joke with your children...
  • They never fail to laugh heartily.
  • They laugh and laugh without reserve, and they never fail to make you laugh even if you try to control yourself.
  • Their laughter disperses all your toils and troubles.
  • And you can really feel the joy and love of your home.

When you bring your children somewhere...
  • They never fail to look up to you.
  • They will not let go of your hands even if you try to.
  • They will follow closely to you until they are sleepy and tired. Then they will urge you to carry and yearn for your hug as you continue your journey. And they will rest and sleep on your shoulder knowing they can rely on you.
When you see your children grow....
  • They will never give up their struggles.
  • They may fall often but they will never fail to stand up.
  • They may make many mistakes but they will never fail to make amends.
  • They will always try to perfect their knowledge and skills.

Never look down on your children. They are your inspiration. And the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these. The children learn to trust 100% upon their Heavenly Father.

How about you?

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Children, We Have Dreams For You Too

I believe as parents, we desire to see our children enjoy a happier and a healthier lifestyle then what we are having now.

I believe many of us are working very hard to provide for our children and to prepare them toward this end.

Sometimes some of us do feel like giving up managing our ever disillusioned world and just let life runs its course. And many of us have since given up all hopes for a better lifestyle.

The present economic downturns have fed many with tears and sorrows. It is even harder for us to meet our basic needs now than before, more so if we wish to fulfill our children' desires.

But deep inside every parent is the dream for their children to enjoy a better life.

We want our children to enjoy a healthier lifestyle filled with regular indoor and outdoor exercises. We want them to be more relax. We have been busy chasing after our life that we have forgone the luxury of exercise and recreation. We are getting more tense, more anxious and more worrisome. Sometimes even our weekends are filled with business activities and we hardly spend times with our family. We definitely want our children to live a fuller and a well-balanced lifestyle.

We want our children to be ready to face and to deal with their problems. We want them to be better prepared. We don't want them to always have the inclination to avoid problems or to run away from problems as soon as they arise. If they are well prepared, they can have a more successful life. Some of us are still living a defeated life, and have no desire at all to change. And we don't want our children to be like that, battered by every wave and the storm of life...bent and withered by toil and age...

We want our children to cultivate good fellowships and relationships with others. We want them to enjoy the peace, the joy and the love of living in harmony and unity with their neighbors. We want them to be helpful and loving people. We have been self-seeking and self-pleasing all this while and we have failed to establish close and intimate relationships with others. We are living a detached life and we are getting lonelier as time goes by.

We want our children to develop proper goals in their life. We want them to find purpose and meaning to their lives. We want them to be more positive and optimistic in their outlook of life. We want them to aim and to plan carefully for their future. We want them to carefully monitor every step of their life. We want them to adapt to change or to completely reorientate their lives whenever necessary. We don't want them to live a miserable and meaningless life as we do, and we don't want to see them bogged down in their works and lives.

But will they recognize and appreciate our love and sacrifices?

Oh children, do you know that we parents have dreams for you too?

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