Saturday, July 25, 2009

Life Is Not Just Work

Some of us when we are working, we don't care about any other things. We don't want to move away from our workplace. And we pay undivided attention to our work. We just want to get our work done well.

We don't want to be disturbed. Nothing and no one must stand in our way when we work or something bad will happen.

We don't want to talk. We just want to concentrate on our task at hand. We don't want to waste time on talking any other thing. No one must talk or make noise when we are doing some "important" work.

We don't even look up and smile. Our aging parents, our spouse, our children and our loved ones eagerly anticipate a little attention from us. But we just cannot squeeze out a simple smile. How sad.

We don't even have time with our family, relatives and friends. We don't waste time on petty talks. We don't waste time on a little game with our children. We don't want a quiet moment with our spouse or a few kind words to our aging parents. We don't care about relaxing and a simple coffee-break with our friends.......

We don't have time to exercise. We no longer enjoy our leisure time. We don't go for a mountain hike or a walk on the beach. We don't enjoy window shopping, watching movie or playing some games. We always look so tense, so stressful and easily agitated.

We don't have time to meditate and pray. We neglect our quiet moment with God. We forget the ultimate source of inspiration. And we never go for any gathering and fellowship.

It is good to get serious in all we do. But to neglect our loved ones because of our insistence and indulgence in our work is uncalled for.

Don't throw away a relationship because of our work.

Don't neglect our physical needs because of our work.

Don't neglect our family, relatives, friends, and our social groups because of our work.

Don't neglect the time for leisure and exercise because of our work.

Don't neglect our quiet time with God because of our work.

And don't ever neglect anyone and anything important in life because of our work.

Enjoy work and enjoy life to the fullest.

After all, life is not just work.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

If Only We Care

I was stunned when a heavy book landed on my head that day.

It was my form teacher who gave me the heavy blow.

I was a good class monitor and I managed my class well. My form teacher was just not happy with my academic achievements that fell far below his expectation.


It was not the physical pain that I had to endure that day.

It was the disappointed look on my form teacher's face that stunned me.

Tears swelled up in my eyes. No, no... They were not allowed to drop to my face.

Gritting my teeth and looking blanking at him, I spoke to my heart that I would prove him wrong.

Soon the school bell rang and I squeezed out a smile to everyone....


Since then, I was always the top three in my class. Then I was always the top three in my form. And then I excelled in my school examinations and public examinations.

No, no... My form teacher did not apologize for his action.

But my confidence and my friendly look always made him greeted me with a smile.

I was able to walk tall and proud because of my form teacher.

No, no... I couldn't and wouldn't condone his way of punishment.

But I thanked him very much for waking me up from my lethargy....


It was many years later after I had become a secondary school teacher that I realized that it was not easy for him to punish me that day.

He could have punished me using another way. But my stubbornness and rebellion must have given him hard time that he was provoked to land what was handy on my head.


Sometimes some sorts of corrective measures must be carried out to bring up a child properly.

A stern look, a lifting of the hand, or a rise in the voice sometimes is good enough for an obedient child.

An encouraging word, a pat on the shoulder or back, a small token or reward sometimes can do wonder to an active and rebellious child.

A warning, a disclosure of your past failure, or a closer analysis and examination of the issue at hand can help innocent and ignorant child to avoid pitfall.


But the sad fact is that most of us only take corrective measures when it is too late.

We have to scream and shout with anger to get our voice heard.

We have to threaten and intimidate with bodily injury to make them obey.

We have to visit our children in detention because of house breaking, extortion, theft, rapes and other wrong doings.

We have to deal with children with alcoholic, smoking, and drug problems.

We have to visit our children with long jail sentences or witness their execution....


If only we care, we can make a lot of difference.

If only we care, we can save them from all these punishments.

If only we care......[sigh]

Monday, July 13, 2009

Simple Lifestyle

Some people among us enjoy living a simple lifestyle.

They do their daily routine unhurriedly but always in time.

They wake up early, slowly tidy up their bed and get their room cleaned.

They spending their sweet time washing up and then make themselves a nice hot drink.

They always keep a friendly and cheerful face.

And they are always ready with a smile.

They never stop greeting their family members, friends and neighbors with kind words and a caring heart.

They do their work responsibly, yet enjoying every minute of it.

Nothing seems to perturb them and disrupt their usual routine.

Everyone around is satisfied with their work and no one complains about them. They can really be counted upon.

Their day passes by smoothly and quickly and they are always satisfied.

Now they are ready for their evening walk, shopping or visiting their neighbors and friends.

They have no enemies, not one.

Misunderstandings and differences seem very easily settled with their kind attitude and composure.

In the evening they have their usual meal and entertainments.

Then they are ready to go to bed.

They sleep early and soundly with sweet dreams.

Everything runs smoothly everyday.

And they are always hopeful for a fresh new day.

I wish I'm like them.

I really admire them.

They really know how to enjoy their simple lifestyle.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Why All These Stimulants?

I remembered more than 20 years ago, the first thing I did when I woke up from sleep was to light a cigarette. Puffing cigarette for 5-10 minutes had become a daily routine before I started my day.

In my younger days I loved to start my day with a mug of coffee. Drinking a mug of well-brewed coffee for 15-20 minutes can be great fun.

While living in the village, the first thing I did when I woke up was to soak myself in the river for 10-15 minutes. It was just plain fantastic!

Sometimes I wondered why sleeping nowadays made me even more drowsy. Was it because of late night sleeps? Was it because of work overload? Was it because of peer pressure and family commitment? Was it because of too much worry and anxiety?

And why all these stimulants?

Gone were the days when I sprang up from my bed fully refreshed and restored, ready for big time adventures. Rushing through breakfast and taking a quick bath, and I was ready to go.

But the usual question that kept on popping up nowadays seemed to be, "Why the hurry?"

Is it because I no longer have the desire to look forward to a bright new day?

I don't know. Life seems so boring and everything looks so sick.

Why the hurry? Oh! when have I fallen into this mire pit?

Then I started to ponder, "Just how do I enjoy my life?"

I don't know.

The journey is long and the future looks bleak.

It doesn't have to be that way, isn't it?

But just how do I learn to live a self-motivated life without stimulants?

I resort to meditation and prayer, and I realize that simple fact that I'm alive and breathing.

I try to understand and to enjoy the simple things I do. It does help to brighten my days.

I smile. Then why all these stimulants?

I sigh... I don't know...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

You Are So Wonderful To Me

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I just can't imagine how important she is to me. She is leaning on me when we are on our trip home from Kuala Lumpur to Kuching. She is plain tired and her face is really pale, and.... she is snoring. We have accompanied our eldest daughter to Universiti Malaya. Earlier, on Monday, we have accompanied our only son to Kolej Mara Banting to further his study. Traveling twice in a roll within a week have really bogged her down. Besides, the intermittent shopping trips and the many house chores had really drained her. I can't imagine how the children fare without her and I for sure can't live without her. My shoulder is made especially for her, anytime and anywhere. She is my beloved wife in her early 40s. And I'm glad to have her beside me.

Love is not just a feeling. But love is definitely emotional and affectionate. God has prepared my wife specially for me. Our life together is a journey full of challenges and struggles. But our love for one another is full of tender loving care. And with each passing moment, our love for one another has deepened with better understandings, respects, and concerns.

Love is not just a thought. Pictures and videos may hold many sweet episodes of romantic moments. But love is that moving pictures that seem to form and reform and transform into many lovely images that tickle my heart and my soul continually. We began with love of many words and many egos. But we have fewer words now but more concerns and considerations for one another. Love has become an on going thought that fill us with optimism and ambition to proceed to quality lifestyle.

Love is not just acting. Gifts and intimacy may do wonders and fill our lives wit more energy and excitement. But true love means sacrificing all we are and all we have. Love has become an on going habit and hobby to satisfy our love ones.

I stare at my wife with love and sympathy.

Her snoring has stopped. Her face is no more pale. She is breathing steady and she is smiling in her sleep.

Thanks, my dear. You are so wonderful to me.