Saturday, December 27, 2008

I'm Longing For Someone

... who loves me for who I am.
... who focuses on me in a crowd.
... who loves to laugh and can always make me laugh.
... who is family oriented.
... who always talks to me about our future.
... who always helps me with my chores.
... who I can hang out with and have a great time with.
... who is honest with me and I will do the same.
... who is just the right size to cuddle with on those cold nights.
... who is by my side the whole time to provide for each other's needs.
... who can share joy and sorrow together.
... who do provide space for one another.
... who always take more interest in me.
... who can make me so very happy.
... who has so many good qualities.
... who will stand by me always.
... who will never give me a dull moment when we are together.
... who is always ready with a smile on his face and who smiles to me a lot.
... who is full of kind words.
... who always make me look forward to another day God has let us.
... who has few friends, but has close family.
... who always make me feel the closeness together as the day goes on.
... who will give up everything just to make sure that I'm okay.
... who will pull out a handkerchief and hand it to me when I sneeze.
... who is my calm after a storm.
... who thinks of my preferences when making plans and accepting invites to things for us.
... who is genuine in everything says and does.

---Who love me the way I do. Amen.


Stiletto Sports Jen said...

*sigh* I really hope that exists...

bokjae said...

I guess only Jesus Christ can fit into this! :)