Monday, January 4, 2010

2010, I Am Ready And Waiting

Standing in front of a group of students, I was thinking hard and deep, pondering about what to counsel and advise them on this first day of school.

They were my beloved students doing their high school studies.

They had returned from their long holidays, enjoying their reserved rest and relaxation, and their overwhelming joy and happiness, culminated in the celebration of the Christmas season and the New Year 2010....

There, they were sitting quietly in front of me, waiting patiently for me to open my mouth.

They still looked innocent and ignorant to me in their late teens.

Years of experience has taught me to be extra careful to put my thoughts into words.

These students would remember every word I said, which would bring great implications and repercussions to their lives and works.

I took a very good look at them and gave a few broad smiles....

Those bright and inquisitive eyes still brought me great joy and pleasure...

Those child-like personalities and plays still tickled my heart and caused me chuckled.

And those shy smiles and giggles still rang in my ears and made me want to sing.

Looking at them and their doings really inspired my passion and enthusiasm to teach them well; they were my hope for the year 2010.

Yeah, I am going to polish and shine them up to face the ordeal of the coming public examination.......

I slowly opened my mouth and stated my expectations from them, my requirements from them, my commitments and promises to them, and how together we could create a better tomorrow.

It was not a very good opening speech.

But it was definitely one that was sincere and true.

God has put me here this year for a purpose.

And all that is required of me I will do.

Come 2010 with the new beginning....

I am ready and waiting.

I smiled at my students and... they smiled back at me.

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shabnamahsan said...

hi Yeo
its really a nice to find a teacher who is really concern about his students to the extent that he even thinks before talking to them knowing it well that his words bring great implications and repercussions to their lives and works.