Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pray And Share The Truth

1Timothy 2:1-8 (NIV)

To keep faith and a good conscience, we have got to be praying.


What to pray?

Four essential parts of prayer:

(1) Petitions - We tell God about our needs.

(2) Prayers - We talk to God reverently.

(3) Intercession - We pray for those in need.

(4) Thanksgiving - We thank God for all that He has done.


Who to pray?

We are to pray for all men.


We are to pray for kings and those in authority.


The authority over us may not be godly, wise, or right in making decisions.

But God's plan is that we are to submit to authority, even when it may be unbearably difficult.


When we don't submit to the authority over us, we are bringing judgment down on our heads.


God's desire for our lives is tranquility, quietness, godliness, and reverence.

When we Christians live a quiet and godly life, pray for our leaders, and righteously being subject to them, we have nothing to fear.

But when we rebel against those in authority, we cause the government to become suspicious of us.


It is our duty to pray for them.

It is our responsibility to intercede for them.

We are not to be angry at them.

But we are to love them, to pray for them, and to share with them the knowledge of the truth.


If we still remembered, many of us became Christians when some believers prayed for us, loved us and shared the gospel with us.

Like the unbelievers, we were once unlovable and unapproachable.


God wants us to hear and believe in the truth.

And we cannot know the truth apart from knowing the Lord Jesus Christ personally.


The Lord Jesus Christ is the Mediator by which we approach God.


We can't get to Him on our own, because we are dirty and sinful.

We cannot come to God based on our own good deeds.


God sent His Son Jesus Christ to pay the death penalty for our sin.

By His dying on the cross, He bridged the gap between us and God.

His death was the ransom for we who were held captive by sin.


Maybe today, some of us are still held captive to sin.

We are still separated from God because we have never received the ransom that the Lord Jesus Christ paid to save us.


For some of us, it is time to accept God's free gift today.

Come to the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved.


Maybe it is time for some of us to pray and talk to those in need.

Would you pray and talk to them?

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