Friday, July 27, 2012

Preach Boldly

Acts 4:29

Now, Lord, consider their threats and
enable your servants to speak your word
with great boldness.

Peter and John have been released from prison after many threats from the authorities.

They return to the church and report.

The church goes to prayer.

But the remarkable thing is that they do not pray for protection but for boldness.

We know God was pleased with their request because after their prayer the place in which they were meeting was shaken.

Filled with God’s Spirit they spoke the word of God boldly.


Let us focus on God.

Let us focus on His kingdom and God will do the rest.

Ask for the impossible and it will happen.


Let us pray for God’s desire.

Look what happened in Acts when the church had a hard time.

They did not ask for their own protection.

They asked to glorify God’s name.

May our circumstances and challenges
ultimately glorify God’s name.

Thank You Lord for the boldness
You give Your church
in the midst of threats and violence.

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Catherine said...

Thank you for this encouragement. Blessings, Catherine