Thursday, February 27, 2014


Shopping spree is fun.
We shop like crazy,
Often buying things we don't need.

In Genesis 3, 
Our First Parents did the same,
They had shopped the thing they didn't need. 

Satan persuaded Eve to doubt God's word.
He promised her that her eyes would be opened,
That she would be like God...
Eve made the wrong choice,
She ate,
So did her husband Adam,
And sin made its way into the world.

Our First Parents had their eyes opened,
They were wise... very much in their own eyes,
But they didn't become like God.

Our First Parents ran away ashamed,
Hiding themselves from God.
But God in His mercy and grace sought them,
And clothed them in garments made from animal skins,
Foreshadowing that Jesus Christ His Son would die for sins.

All through the years, 
Men and women continued to make the wrong choices,
And went down the wrong path.

Men had tried,
And had continued to try,
But they could never be like God,
No matter how hard they tried...

Salvation is only by God's grace through His gift of faith alone.

God our Savior is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
Seek Him now, 
And don't shop simply.

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