Thursday, October 30, 2008

Does A Person Like That Exist?

today i search for the person that's right for me again,
a person that will like me for who I am.
A person that will like me even if I can't make his dreams come true.
But does a person like that exist?
I would be nice if that person exists.
I would be nice if it were true.
Will that person really like me and only me?
Will that person really ask nothing of me?
If that person can't like me for who I am,
then that person isn't for me.

Then where?
Probably very close.
I'm sure the person I can like is in a place not too far away...

If that person doesn’t like me, what should I do?
What should I do if someone that’s not for me likes me?
People’s heart can’t be erased or added like that!
That’s why swaying people’s decision is difficult.
I already know that….
People’s hearts are easy to change, but there are some which you can’t change.
The emotion of liking someone can’t be changed easily.
Then what should I do?
Then I will have to choose.
I will have to choose and deal with it…
With me and my self…

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