Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sunday Morning Rain

Experiencing Love in the rain is so beautiful, feeling the water run down from your forehead to the tip of your toes, to have the rain drops passionately dried by the breath of a very special lover.

A spoil so deep that only he and I can touch, a spiritual connection that teaches us the true meaning of love, honesty and communication.

During the splendor of it all, we ran into a storm.

I praying that God will rekindle, renew, and restore all things.


Lisa said...

Where did you get all this stories?

Kinda breaks my heart when i read each of it

- said...

I'm never a writer, but deeply share the feelings of others. A sentimental man maybe.

gLoR!e said...

am through all the pain and God has always the reason for everything that turns to sour!:)

nice...i remember the days when i get hurt!:)

ykh said...

We make choices and God decides. We are bestowed according to His will. To God be the glory.