Monday, September 14, 2009

I Also Love Sunset

At the close of the day, a beautiful sunset will be nice.

It is good to be able to sit on a beach, on mountain top or on high places, watching the sun sinking in the horizon and leaving us with lovely colors.

The sunset always reminds me of the close of a long day, a time to relax and rest, and to get back our strength.

The sunset also reminds me of a time to recount and contemplate on what I have done, and a time for prayer and thanksgiving to God.

The sunset also reminds me of a time for gathering and reunion with my family and friends, a time to reconcile and to restore, a time to love and to cherish, and a time to speak about the good old days.

And I enjoy watching sunset with my wife. It gives us more intimacy. It gives us more time to talk about love and everything under the sky.

I love sunset because it is the close of the day.

It is the time when the sun has to sleep also.

I love sunset because sometimes it ends all the unpleasant memories on a bad day.

Yeah, I love sunset.... I don't know why.... I just love sunset.


Pinaybackacker said...

I cannot agree more. Sunsets remind us that the day is almost over. And hopefully, you've done the best you can possibly do that day. Tomorrow, the sun will rise and a new day begins.

I love both your sunrise and sunset post. :D

Martha A. Cheves said...

That has to be one of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen. Thank you for sharing.

chubskulit said...

We should all love sunset, its one of the many beautiful times that God created so we can rest from the tiring day that have.

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Ann said...

There is nothing like a beautiful sunset.
Thanks for running my ad today. Have a wonderful day