Monday, September 21, 2009

If I Have Been More Consistent

Consistency is an important key to success in life.

Consistency is very important to self-improvements and group works.

Consistent parenting advice is vital to build up a happy family.

Consistent saving can bring good returns and accumulate tremendous wealth.

Consistent exercises and training can keep our body fit and healthy, build up our muscle and abilities, fill us with zeal, and prolong our lives.

Consistent good habits can make us feel young and energetic, build up our confidence and people's trust in us, get the results we desire and achieve our dreams, enhance our health and enrich our lives.

Consistent spiritual practices and disciplines can make us study through the Bible at least once, modeling God's love and truth in our lives, and constantly seeking spiritual growth and positive living.

But consistency is one of the hardest elements to master in life.

If only we have been more consistent
  • If we are more disciplined to follow every single step.
  • If we are more disciplined to go through every time.
  • If we are more disciplined to continue whatever our thought.
  • If we are more disciplined to persevere whatever our mood.
  • If we are more disciplined to struggle whatever our will.
  • If we are more disciplined to go on whatever the situation.
  • If we are more disciplined to stand up whatever the outcome.

... then life will be sweet and happy.

... then there will be peace and harmony.

... then there will be love and laughter.

... then there will be growth, progress, and development.

... then there will be less complaints and disputes.

... then there will be less jealousy and prejudice.

... then there will be less strife and contention.

... then there will be less quarrel and fight.

.......Yeah, the world will surely be a better place.

........If only we live our lives with more consistency.

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