Sunday, October 11, 2009

I Want It My Way

Life can be pretty lonely sometimes when we are on our own. We may spend much time doing gardening, exercising, reading, shopping, or some charity works. But there will surely be times spent sighing and shaking the head when no one is around us or willing to speak to us.

We are social beings and we need family, relatives, friends and neighbors around us. Their present will brighten up our day and influence our lives.

Some of us always hold on to our ideas and beliefs. We always insist that we are right. And if we are wrong, we want to be proved wrong.

Many of our good friends are finding it more and more difficult to bear with us and tolerate all our flaws. Eventually they leave us one after another. They just cannot continue that way anymore.

We say to ourselves it is okay that they have left us. We start to have new friends and continue to spread and teach our ideas and beliefs. This time we try our best to adapt to their ways. Time will tell just how long they will bear with us and our ideologies.

We are what we are on the inside and not how we portray ourselves..... We can't hide.

Some of us insist on speaking our heart out. Some say maybe we need to hold up a little. Others are still undecided, with their ever growing internal struggles and fights.

I can't tell you which one is right; to please ourselves or the people around us. But sometimes what we have said hurt others to the core and many just don't like it.

Some of us insist on doing it and end up a loner.

Some give in a little and walk with a few friends on their life journey.

Some compromise so much that they make no stance.

The choice is our – our ideologies or the people around us.

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Poetic Shutterbug said...

We have to be who we are in order to be happy and at peace. It is a matter of others accepting us for who we are without judgment. People who love us unconditionally no matter our faults are our true friends.