Thursday, October 29, 2009

Don't Know Much About Love

Some say love is logical. There must be proper reasons why we fall in love. There are the various steps taken. And we can anticipate different outcomes because of different techniques and strategies used. And they say, stable love is based on mature and thoughtful reasoning.

Some say love is sentimental. There must be that intense feeling and passion about love. There must be that sudden encounters and excitements. There must be those meetings of eyes and beating of hearts before we fall in love. And they say, romantic love is the result of those chemical reactions.

Some say love is persuasion. There must be those careful plots and drives to generate moves that can win and capture hearts. There must be those bright ideas and skills found in romantic books and movies that culminate in the winning of noble prize. And they say, winsome love is the outcome of many persuasions.

I don't know....

I am getting more confused about love.

Sometimes love is not just logical thinking, sentimental feeling, or persuasive action.

It just comes naturally out of understanding, feeling or mutual consideration.

There are people who say love is a destiny and is not for everyone.

Others believe that love is a learning curve that requires much passion and planning.

But this is always the nature of love, a world filled with mysteries and amazing things.

Come love... Love is in the air

Though many, including myself don't know much about love.

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Poetic Shutterbug said...

Beautiful post. I agree that love just happens, it's energy and a strong connection.