Thursday, November 19, 2009

Life Can Be That Simple

Sipping a cup of black hot coffee, I looked around the noodle shop.

The coffee was not that thick, but good enough to wake me up.

Not many customers were taking their meals during this peak hour. Many still felt the pinch of the ongoing global economic recession.

The noodle shop was rather quiet.

There were intermittent laughter and the occasional sound of moving chairs.

The shop owners tried their best to greet every one around with their usual business smiles.

I smiled back and enjoyed my quiet moment.

I like my quiet corner, though a bit too near the big fridge.

The coffee felt extraordinary tasty today.

Then came my dry noodle.

Quite a big bowl, most probably they were used to the request of a big sized man.

I knew it would cost me slightly more, but it didn't matter. What really mattered was I enjoyed my meal.

The noodle was not that hot, but rather oily.

No wonder many customers were rather big size.

The meat was slightly burnt round the edges but a perfect pink on the inside.... not bad.

And the stuffed tofu was nice, mixed well with the noodle.

And I was satisfied with my food, though it was just a simple meal.

Yah, I still have my durian for my tea time. LOL

...not bad for a quiet day.

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Sandy said...

I'm sipping my coffee as I read, though mine is not black and most definitely not thick as I don't like it strong. must be in my head, next up on my list of things to do is getting the kitchen ready to make noddles. We make a huge batch of them for the holiday. The family when gathered numbers 20+, so I need to make quite a few batches and it will take the better part of the day. Luckily my daughter flew in last night so that's another pair of helping hands.

Happy Thanksgiving