Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Think I Believe In Fate

Do you believe in fate? I think I do.

I believe in fate because very few of us are born into rich and influential families. Some of us have to congregate in slum and squatter areas, bearing the brunt of poverty, prejudice and injustice.

I believe in fate because very few of us have knowledgeable and supportive parents. Some of us have parents who don't even value education and think schooling is a complete waste of time.

I believe in fate because very few of us have a teachable and humble spirit, and willing to learn from others. Some of us are so rebellious and vulgar, and are of bad tastes and bad thoughts.

Nonetheless I am not to be led into my unfortunate destiny without a fight.

I am determined to turn my fate with my knowledge and abilities.

I want to change, improve and enrich my lifestyles.

I want to expand and develop my horizon in my chosen fields and noble profession.

I want to strengthen and extend my controls over life issues and care.

In fact, I believe in a better tomorrow if I can change for the better.

But deep inside I know that there are things beyond my control.

There are things that I have tried long and hard on many occasions with varieties of means and ways, but nothing much or significant is accomplished so far.

These are the moments when I have to shout and scream because life becomes so dragging, so dull and so boring.

But I believe life is a journey of discovery, there are still many things under the sun that I must try.

I will not spend much time and effort mourning and agonizing myself with the unforeseen future.

In fact, I will quietly labor in faith in my present disposition and work for the future.

Yes, I do believe in fate... but that is no all... It's more....

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