Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's Over

It was the 7th day of the Chinese New Year 2010.

We had had a busy, rather tiring but exciting week celebrating the festival day and night. But we were thrilled, excited, honored and grateful by the presence of many.

Many family members, relatives, friends, colleagues, next door neighbors, first day visitors....... had come to visit us. Many accounts of incidents and happenings, stories and tales, regional and global issues, and various other topics of interest were shared and discussed. Many facets of love, care, respect, appreciation, gratitude, and compassion were expressed and given. It was indeed joyful, cheerful, peaceful, wonderful and fruitful moments for everyone present.

But then, come another day and my two older children will be heading back to their respective college and university.

It was wonderful to have them celebrating the Chinese New Year together with us. We had so much to share, to learn, to treasure, and to hear from one another.

But time didn't permit us to linger long. And the thought of having them leaving us tomorrow make us hesitant to let them go (sigh!). A feeling of a lump in the throat and heaviness in the chest accompanied us as the day went by........

It was rather strange for us to speak less today. But we were rather careful in helping one another all through the day. It wasn't easy, but everyone seemed to be okay.

I was grateful to the authority for allowing all schools to extend their holidays to a week to celebrate Chinese New Year 2010. As the Chinese New Year fell on Sunday (14th February), the authority had announced Monday and Tuesday as public holidays. But all the schools were encouraged to apply for 1 occasional holiday for Wednesday and 2 replacement holidays for Thursday and Friday.

Today we had a rather simple lunch. But we promised ourselves to have a feast in the evening.

We invited our neighbors next door to have our evening meal together.

Then we had some red wine and talked on many topics.

It was really wonderful since we could have heart to heart talk with one another.

The time was 10 pm. The two older children were busy checking their things and packing up their luggage. They brought along some cookies and goodies too. The mother was busy clearing and cleaning up the kitchen. Everyone was busy and quiet.

Everyone was waiting for another day.......

Another day, another story.......

It's over......Sigh!

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