Thursday, March 11, 2010

What Is Your Dream?

What is your dream?

What are you seeking after?

We ask ourselves these questions when we are young, when we are buzzing with dreams and aspirations, imbued with zeal and enthusiasm, and bursting with self confidence and determination.

Then we grow up and begin our journey of discovery and exploration. We move around, seeking after the world and learning all that is to know. The world is the alpha and omega of our home and garden, our lives and work, our desires and commitments.

Someone tell us about the value of education and life-long learning. We are taught to be wise and intelligent by seeking after the truths of the world. We are told that knowledge is everything and everything is knowledge! Eventually we pack up our room with books and our brain with knowledge. But then we begin to resign and admit that we cannot learn everything and we don't need to learn everything. Knowledge is vital to our lives. But knowledge in itself isn't everything!

Then we seek after riches and worldly possessions. We spend time and effort contemplating, calculating and scheming how to bring riches and wealth into our home. We put in much hard work and employ various legitimate means. Some of us may have their ill-gotten gains through manipulation and fraud. Eventually we relax, admiring all our riches and wealth. But then we begin to resign and admit that we don't have everything. Riches and wealth in itself isn't everything!

Then we seek after glory and fame. We spend days and months cultivating relationships, meeting powerful and influential people. We forgo our pride and ego, we victimize our family and others, and we employ cunning and mischievous methods all for our selfish gains. Eventually we get what we want and enjoy for a time what we have got. But then we begin to resign and admit that personal glory in itself isn't everything!

Some of us are still chasing after all these dream.

Some of us have admitted that we have chased after the wrong dreams.

Some of us have given up dreaming. They are like the walking dead in the city.

And some of us put our dreams into our children when they are big enough.... and continue to dream.

My child, what are you seeking after? What is your dream?

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