Saturday, April 10, 2010

Doing Things Right

There come a time when we reach the bottom of our life.

There come a day when life isn’t all that exciting anymore.

Everything has suddenly fallen apart.

Everyone has quickly left us.


We sit down in a quiet corner, pondering over what has happened.

We wonder how we have fallen so far and so fast.

We ask ourselves why people have avoided us or left us for good.

"What has done?" we scream and cry.

"How can I set things right?" we sigh.


No one can give us the absolute answer.

But everyone has their reasons and reasoning.

Only God knows.


But it doesn’t matter.

What really matter is that we must continue to live and do things right.

God is all seeing and He is present everywhere.

It is Him we please,

And we seek after His grace and mercy, His blessings and love.


Misunderstandings and conflicts happen sometimes.

There will be pains and sufferings, tensions and stresses, grudges and cold war.

People become edgy, easily provoked and angry.

Eventually we part, sometimes crying for our loss.


Doing things right is all that matter.

We must continue to think positive and behave positive.

We must continue to instill the right feelings.

We must continue to attempt to do the right things.


Whatever happens,

Whatever the circumstances,

We must continue to do things right,

It is all that matters,

Nothing more.

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Vixen said...

That was so perfectly what I needed to hear. Well said.