Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Everything Comes Natural

The dishes were ready on the table covered by the dish covers. Those who had arrived were sitting down chatting with one another. It was early evening at about sunset when I arrived at my brother’s house.

I opened the dish covers; I was curious as to what the menu would be. Oh, nice! They were all my favorite foods, I smiled to myself as I swallowed my first lump of saliva.

My wife looked at me, couldn’t help smiling and laughing. Reminding myself again to eat less as I was desperate to lose weight, I walked to a far end to sit down, trying to get away from the aroma of the foods. Both my wife and my youngest daughter dutifully followed behind.

More family members had come in. There were more talking sessions. It was supposed to be a family gathering and reunion, as our eldest half-sister had come all the way from China to visit us.

It was half past seven. The sky was getting darker. There were less people talking and joking. Then we heard a disappointing piece of news: our half-sister was not able to join us; she had another program.

We looked at one another, feeling rather sad and disappointed. It had been quite a long while since we last met one another. And this time round, she was bringing along her family.

Then the talking, grumbling, and reasoning sessions began…..

Oh! After all the hard works!

Oh! If only she had not promised!

But that is what happens in life, I told myself.

Sometimes things just happened, everyone was unhappy, but no one was to be blamed.

Human plans, but it is God who decides.

We waited for one another to calm down and looked at things rationally.

It wasn’t long, since we were all mature people.

In no time, we were seen happily smiling, laughing, and talking again.

Then everyone was hungry.

It was time to enjoy our feast.

I looked at my wife again.

It was killing moment for me as I had to control myself eating less what I loved to eat.

Oh! I had another audible gulp of saliva.

I looked around, hopefully no one saw.

Then we had a long session talking about old times, more stories and tales, many versions and amendments……

It was late at night when we parted.


Life is a journey.

We meet as we go along,

We stop and have a good time,

We don’t know for how long.

Some we have met more,

Some we hardly meet at all.

But that is life.

Everything comes natural.


imelda said...

this is a good feature article. uhave the knack for writing i see it

Tomas said...

Reading your story was like taking a sip of fresh air. Thank you. I was refreshed by your post, and that happened so naturally. As you say,
We meet as we go along,
We stop and have a good time,
The above is exactly what I experienced while writing these comments. Thank you once again.
The article invited us not muse on life but look around and live. That's the greatest how-to be happy.
It would be fine to exchange the links with you. Please visit my Art by Tomas blog. I hope you will have a good time with my pictures too and I will get your constructive comments on how to improve my writing with the Lithuanian-English dictionary in hand

impotenta said...

Thank you for these information.There were very useful for me. Looking forward to read your next post.bye bye see you other time :)

InspirationsUnlimited said...

Life is indeed a journey, a journey we all must enjoy living, and not just mere existing. :)