Monday, October 25, 2010

A Simple Man Is A Happy Man

A simple man is happy with who he or she is, and is contented with who the others’ may be.

A simple man strives to be happy, though he or she may not be as wise or as smart, as loving and caring, as committed and hardworking, as precise and careful, or as patience and self-reliance.

A simple man is satisfied with what he or she has, and is always seeking to make a better use of everything.

I once had an old landlord who was living a simple life. There was this one time when I ‘borrowed’ her age-old kitchen utensil to cook noodle. I was in a hurry to go for my lecture and forgot to scrub the utensil properly. When I returned home, the good landlord was showing her sad and angry face, and refused to talk. I realized my fault and reminded myself to be very careful the next time.

Some of us are very particular with the things we have; we must make sure we return the things we have borrowed to the right place in a good condition.

But then there is another lady. She has difficulty throwing away things; everything is so precious to her and she wants to have a collection of everything. Her house was a mess, a breeding place for rats, cockroaches, houseflies and mosquitoes. Her neighbors have a hard time living with her.

Everyone is entitled to live their life their way.

But we must make sure that we don’t become a burden or nuisance to others.

A simple life makes a happy man.

A simple man is happy with himself or herself.

A simple man is contented and utilizes all that he or she has.

And a simple man lives in peace and harmony with all others.

It is never easy to live a simple life in a word filled with many attractions and temptations.

Many of us want to be a happy man.

But just how many of us can be a simple man?

For some, happiness is short-lived, a thrill for a moment.

For some, happiness is forever, a lifetime to remember.

Everyone seeks happiness, but not many seek a simple lifestyle.

A simple man is a happy man.

How about a happy man is a simple man?

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