Saturday, October 30, 2010

We Are That Somebody

Some of us are born lucky.

We are born into a well-off family.

We are born smart and talented.

We have supportive, enthusiastic and committed parents and elders, who are always looking after us and our future.

Some of us are very disciplined, well-motivated, and well-behaved.

In fact, we are well-groomed for the needs of the time.

We are respectful, courteous, friendly, and responsive.

We become the pride and joy of our family.

And we cultivate wide circles of acquaintances and friends.

Some of us are born very pretty and natural,

We don't need to put on a lot of make-up,

And we look so attractive, appealing, and sweet.......


But majority of us are born not that lucky,

Not very smart,

Not very well-off,

Not very talented,

And... not very pretty.

Nevertheless, we are happy,

And we try to be happy all the time.


Somehow everyone of us knows that we are born unique and special.

We are born to be...... Somebody.

And as children, we want to be that Somebody when we grow up.

No, no. We never want to be born nobody.

No, no. We never want to live as a nobody.......


We examine our gifts and talents God has given us.

They are here for a purpose - to make us Somebody.

We are going to use our gifts and talents to the fullest,

And become somebody everyone is proud of.

We are that somebody!

God willing.... We want to be that Somebody soon!

We are not lucky.

We are blessed!

We are that Somebody!

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