Thursday, June 9, 2011

Take A Break

Everyone of us takes a break after some time.

There is a time to study. Students need to be attentive in the classroom and do their homeworks. Then come holidays, when they can take their well deserved rest.

There is a time to work and a time to play or relax. We can't and shouldn't work nonstop for 24 hours without a break; it is not our role to do that and not healthy either.

A short break, like a day or two, is just great to unwind, refresh, and restore. A longer holiday may be needed to relax and enjoy our favorite past time or leisure activity.

Some take up gardening and grow vegetables; some enjoy planting flowers and tending to them; some prefer fruit trees and other marketable products.

Some enjoy cooking and baking, and eating with family and friends. The ability to taste the difference, to appreciate and enjoy good food, is regarded by many to be very important in life.

Some would go window shopping and buying all they want. It is time to spend, after earning so much and so long.

How about taking a trip to a beach or a local swimming pool?

How about going to a bookstore and wander around finding books about any subject you can think of?

Or just sitting somewhere quiet and alone, doing the thing you want without being disturbed?

I enjoy my holiday and I would take my well deserved rest.

Everyone needs a break. So do I.

I pack up, and go to the beach.

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