Friday, June 3, 2011

Small But Significant Happenings

It was thundering loud and long. The sky was growing dark and the wind was rising. The trees were shaking and the leaves were flying up in the air. There were not so many traffics and most of the shops and offices were closed. It was a Friday late afternoon when I was there with my family, buying some food before we rushed to the airport to pick our son up.

There were a few modern youngsters playing music really loud at a corner of a supermarket. I saw them selling pirated DVDs, CDs and many other imitation products. Few customers were around slowly choosing what they wanted, though the sound of the thunders were so loud and strong as if they were crashing and tumbling down to earth.

Some city residents were shopping for grocery items, and they brought their family along. Some children were seen happily playing and running, the women busy buying, while the men were at the wheels of their vehicles, smoking, reading and listening to music.

The strong wind blew the leaves, plastic bags, old newspapers and other garbage all over the place. The city air smelled terrible; a mixture of burnt rubber, exhaust fumes, burning trash and frying food. Few men were puffing away on cigarettes.

Right them, I saw a man in his 40s holding his mother's hand and walking passed me. They were without umbrellas, and they were moving fast because of the imminent rain storm.

The man was retarded and a foot taller than his mother. It looked like he was leading the way, walking very determinedly in front. But occasionally, when there was traffic approaching, the old woman would take the lead and pull the son; the son would just smile away happily.

The son was carrying vegetables, and the mother some plastics of goods. I was surprised that they could walk so fast and was at the other side of the road, and the neighboring buildings and housing estate in so short a time.

It must have been 40 years since his mother first brought him around. 40 years? It was a long time. I could see the love and care in her eyes; she really loved her child and would try to lead him and protect him.

She might have been in her mid 60s. Just how long could she take care of her beloved grown up child? Another 20 years? She would be in her 80s and her son 60s. Could they possibly be walking together at that time?

Many things happen around us without us taking much notice. They are there to teach us and give us some important lessons.

I was at the wheel of my car when I noticed all these things happened. Just then, my wife and my children walked very fast to me, carrying bags of things...

The rain came down heavily and the thunder rumbled, washing away many things...

It would be a new beginning again, but always with many small but significant happenings.

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