Monday, October 31, 2011

A Tearful Moment

Mark 5:21-43

A Pitiful Dialogue (21-23)

The Accomplishments Of Jairus

Jairus was a ruler of the synagogue.

He was a man of prominence, position, prestige, privilege, prosperity and power.

But none of these mattered anymore.

Death had come to his house.

His little daughter was dying!

The Attitude Of Jairus

God opened his eyes and let him see that the Lord Jesus Christ was his only hope.


He heard that the Lord Jesus Christ was passing through the town.

He came reverently, prayerfully and passionately, and fell humbly at His feet.

The Acknowledgment Of Jairus

He acknowledged the Lord Jesus Christ’s saving power.

He begged Him earnestly to heal his daughter.


A Painful Delay (24-35)

The Interest Of The Savior

The Lord Jesus Christ had compassion on Jairus.

He went with him to his house.

The Intrusion Of Sickness

They were stopped by the woman with the issue of blood.


This delay must have gripped the heart of Jairus.

But he waited patiently until the Lord Jesus Christ was free and could continue on with him.

The Invasion Of Sorrow

A servant of Jairus came with the tragic word: “Your daughter is dead!”

Jairus’ world must have fallen apart.


A Powerful Deliverance (36-43)

The Exclamation Of Faith

The Lord Jesus Christ said to Jairus, “Do not be afraid; only believe.”

What a word of faith!

The Lord Jesus Christ was saying to him not to worry about the problems ahead; just trust Him.

The Exclusions Of Faith

The Lord Jesus Christ put out everyone who did not believe Him.

They were excluded from seeing Him move and work in power.

The Exhibition Of Faith

The Lord Jesus Christ entered the room where the dead girl was lying.

He took her by the hand and told her to rise.

And she did!

Immediately the girl arose and walked.

Then she was given some food.


Only the Lord Jesus Christ can fulfill our needs.

We must do what Jairus did.

We must go to the Lord Jesus Christ, fall at His feet and tell Him what we need.

The Lord Jesus Christ is a Sovereign Lord!

He can take an impossible situation and turn it into a miracle of His power and glory.

Do you have a need?

Get it to Him now!

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