Wednesday, October 19, 2011

You Can’t Hide From The Light

Mark 4:21-25

Light Has Its Purposes (21)

The Lord Jesus Christ used the image of a candle to teach a profound spiritual truth.

Houses in those days had notches cut into the wall so that a lamp could be placed there.

When a lamp was lit, it was placed in a high location so that everyone in the house could receive light.


This parable illustrated the purpose of spiritual light.

When the Lord Jesus Christ shared the Word of God, His light was given to people trapped in spiritual darkness.

His light revealed the Heavenly Father to fallen men.

His light increased in its intensity until it shone with the glory of Heaven as He gave His life for sinners on the cross.

Then it burst forth in radiant beams when He rose from the dead.


When the Lord Jesus Christ saved us from our sins, He placed His light within us.

He does not want us to hide the light away.

He wants us to allow His light to shine through our lives so that others might see the way to God.


Light Has Its Powers (22)

Light holds the power to make hidden things plain.

Light not only reveals the hidden things of God to man, it also reveals the hidden things within man!


The Gospel is a message that reveals the darkness of the human heart.

The first step in coming to the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved is to have our sins exposed to the light.

When we get honest about our sins, we can experience God’s forgiveness.

But if we try to hide our sins away, they will destroy us from within.

And we will be punished on the Judgment Day.


Light Has Its Privileges (24)

We Must Listen To The Right Voice

The right voice will always speak words that line up with the Bible and point us to the Lord Jesus Christ.

When we hear that voice, we must make sure that we heed what it tells us to do.

We Must Pass On The Truths To Others

We are to share our faith and the things God has shown us with others.

We are to proclaim the Gospel to the world!

We Must Anticipate More Truths

As we give away the truths the Lord Jesus Christ has revealed to us, He will give us more truths.


Light Has Its Promises (25)

The Lord Jesus Christ will continue to reveal more truths to those who pass them on to others.

They will grow in the things of God in ways they could never have imagined.


But those who reject the truth will see their ability to recognize truth diminished.

They will eventually lose their grasp of the truth they once had.

Their will then be condemned to Hell.


The little candle holds tremendous power.

It has the ability to dispel darkness.


The little candle gives its light at great cost to itself.

As the candle gives away its precious light, its very life is consumed.

This is a perfect illustration of what the Lord Jesus Christ did for us.

He paid a high price to bring His light to the lost.

He died on the cross so that we might have life and light.


When He saved us, He kindled that light within our hearts.

We must let our lights shine so that a world lost in darkness may see the way to come to God.

It may cost us everything to give the light to others.

But we must be willing to pay the price.

We must never be guilty of hoarding the light, hiding the light or hindering the light.

We must let our light shine for the glory of God!


We can’t hide from the light!

The truth of God’s Word will confront us some day.

It may have already done so today.

It may be that the Lord has spoken to our heart, revealed our sins, and pointed out the truth of the Gospel.

If so, we need to come to Him and be saved!

Please do not reject the truth!

Please do not go on toward Hell.

Please come to the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved today.

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