Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ultimate Source Of Peace In The Lord Jesus

Mark 6:45-51

He Addressed Their Fear

Storms Are Under His Control

The disciples were terrified.

They were struggling.

They were afraid that they were going to die.


The Lord Jesus demonstrated His control over the situation by walking on the water and later by calming the storm.


Storms Are Part Of His Plan For Our Lives

The disciples were in the boat in the middle of the storm simply because they were in the will of God.

They were in the storm because the Lord Jesus sent them there!


Storms are to be expected, but not feared.

They have been sent to us to help us grow more into the image of the Lord Jesus.


Storms Are Always Of Limited Duration

The disciples thought that they were finished.

It appeared to them that they would perish in its fury.

When the Lord Jesus came on the scene, He put an end to the storm.


He Addressed Their Faith

When Jesus came to the disciples walking upon the water, they thought He was a spirit and cried out in fear.

However, when He spoke to them, He addressed their fears.

Then, He gave them ample reason to believe that help had arrived.


When the Lord Jesus got there, He quickly identified Himself to the disciples.

He said, "It is I."

It meant:
  • He is all powerful.
    He is the Almighty God! He has the power to help!
  • He is all present.
    He is with His children at all times, in all places, through all the difficulties of their lives.
  • He is all perceiving.
    He knows all things. He knows exactly what we are facing as we journey through life. And He is able to help us in our time of need.


He Addressed Their Future

When the Lord Jesus came to the disciples that night, they were certain that their lives were over.

They were preparing to die.


Yet, when the Lord Jesus came, He let them know that He had a plan for their future.


It was He who had told them to get on the ship and go to the other side.


He knew where they were.

He was responsible for where they were.

And He had a plan for them when they reached the other side!


When the storms of life are raging, always remember that the Lord Jesus is there for us.

He longs to comfort our heart and replace our fears with His perfect peace.


To do this, we must first be willing to cast our cares onto Him and to come to Him by faith.

As our life unfolds, do not make the Lord Jesus our last resort, rather make Him our first resort.

Turn to Him quickly and fully and He will bless us abundantly.

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