Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Warnings From The Master

Mark 9:42-50

The Lord Jesus Christ commanded us to protect the least among us from sin.

It is a very serious matter to cause one of God’s children to fall into sin.

It would be better off having a millstone ties around our neck and being cast into the sea.

When we harm one of God’s children, we are actually harming the Lord Himself.


The Lord Jesus Christ said that if our hand, our foot or our eye causes us to sin, we are to take drastic action and amputate that body part, so that we will not give in to its desires.

The Lord Jesus Christ was using exaggeration to emphasize the horrible nature of sin.

He is not commanding us to mutilate our bodies.


When temptation to sin comes into our lives, we must deal with it immediately, harshly, ruthlessly, consistently and decisively!

When a relationship is leading us into temptation and sin, we need to sever that relationship!

When some activity is leading us into temptation and sin, we need to cut that out of our lives immediately.


The Lord Jesus Christ warned His disciples that nothing in this world is so valuable that it is worth going to Hell.

Hell is a horrible place.

The Lord Jesus Christ quoted Isaiah 66:24.

People in Hell will suffer in 2 terrible ways.

First, “the worms that eat them do not die.”

There will be internal torments in Hell.

Second, “and the fire is not quenched.”

There will be physical agonies too.


The torments of Hell are real and horrible.

They are unceasing and unimaginable.

Hell is real!

If we do not know the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior, we will spend eternity there.


The Lord Jesus Christ warned His disciples that serving Him requires sacrifice and purity.

They can expect to be cleansed through fire.

They may have to go through persecution and trials to make them more like the Lord Jesus Christ.


The Lord Jesus Christ then said, “Salt is good.”

But when salt loses its saltiness, it is good for nothing.

It is to be thrown away.


The Lord Jesus Christ then reminded us to have salt among ourselves.

We must not cause others to stumble and fall into sin.

And we must avoid sin at all costs in our own lives.

We must embrace a sacrificial life and the persecution that comes with it.


The Lord Jesus Christ closed by saying “and be at peace with each other.”

We should not argue about who is the greatest.

We should not simply rebuke others.

Instead, we are to examine our own hearts.

We are to judge our own faults!

We are to live lives of commitment and character day by day.

We are to prove that we are God’s people by loving one another and by being at peace with each another!

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