Sunday, December 18, 2011

Blind Bartimaeus

Mark 10:46-52

Bartimaeus was blind from birth.

He was a beggar.

He depended on the generosity of others in order to survive.


Like Bartimaeus, the lost person is spiritually blind.

He is blind to his condition, to his sin and to his impending eternal doom.

He is also a spiritual beggar.

He has to beg for the Lord Jesus to save him.


Bartimaeus knew who the Lord Jesus Christ was.

He knew what the Lord Jesus Christ could do.

He knew it was the day of his greatest opportunity.

So he began to cry out for the Lord Jesus Christ to have mercy on him.


We need to know that now is the greatest opportunity we have to come to the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved by His grace.


Bartimaeus repeated his cry.

He simply cried louder when other people stopped him.

He was determined to be healed!


Let us get serious about coming to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Let us stop at nothing to come to Him.


Bartimaeus received a response.

The Lord Jesus Christ called for him to come to Him.

His faith was honored.

The Lord Jesus Christ wanted to talk with him.


The Lord Jesus Christ is not too busy to hear our cries.

If we will cry out to Him, He will save our souls today!


When the Lord Jesus Christ called, Bartimaeus cast away his outer coat and jumped up to go to Him.

This coat was very valuable to him.

But he wanted to come to the Lord Jesus Christ fast.


There are personal costs to pay in order to come to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sometimes the price can be very high.

But what are all these costs compared to the worth of our souls?


When Bartimaeus came to the Lord Jesus Christ, he was asked an important question and he responded in pure faith.

He trusted the Lord Jesus Christ to heal him and he received his sight.

Bartimaeus got far more than physical healing that day.

He also got spiritual healing as well.


This is what happens when the lost person responds to the Gospel of grace.

Immediately the power of God saves him instantly, completely and eternally!


After Bartimaeus was healed, the Lord Jesus Christ told him to go his way.

But Bartimaeus chose to follow Him.


When salvation comes, the saved person will want to walk with the Lord in holiness.


Many of us are spiritual blind.

We need to come to the Lord Jesus Christ right now to be healed.


Some of us Christians are spiritual blind too.

There are many things in our lives that we need to get right with the Lord Jesus Christ.


Let us come to the Lord Jesus Christ now.

He will receive us, forgive us and restore us if we will only come to Him humbly.


The Lord Jesus Christ is here!

Please do not let this opportunity pass.

Come to Him now and be made whole.

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