Saturday, December 24, 2011

The King Is Here

Mark 11:1-11

It was early Sunday morning, the week leading up to the Passover.

The Lord Jesus Christ chose this moment to let Israel know that their King had arrived.

He and His disciples were prepared to walk towards Jerusalem.

Many people would crowd there for the Passover celebration.


They approached Bethphage and Bethany, two little villages near the top of Mount Olives.

The Lord Jesus Christ sent two of His disciples to a village to get a colt.

He told them exactly where they would find it and what the people standing around would say to them. He even gave them some details about the animal.

His disciples found that everything was just as He said it would be.

The Lord Jesus Christ was a local celebrity. He had just raised Lazarus from the dead.

When the people heard that it was He who wanted the colt, they immediately sent it to Him.

The Lord Jesus Christ promised to return it shortly.


The disciples returned and put their outer garments over the colt in place of a saddle.

The Lord Jesus Christ climbed on the colt’s back and started down the mountain.

The King of Israel was ready to present Himself to the nation of Israel.


The Lord Jesus Christ was fulfilling the ancient prophecy of Zech. 9:9 as a lowly Messiah.

Here was a humble Man on the back of a humble beast, making a humble declaration of His identity.

Here was a humble Man surrounded by throngs of common people waving palm branches.


The Lord Jesus Christ is the lofty One.

As the crowd descended the slopes of the Mount of Olives, they were praising Him.

Here were the people the Lord Jesus Christ had healed, delivered, and ministered to.

They were practicing “antiphonal” singing. The people in front would say a part and the people in back would answer them. It was a cry for the Messiah to deliver His people.

The people were shouting, dancing and singing. They were praising God for His deliverance. They were excited and they were vocal in their excitement.


The Lord Jesus Christ went through the procession.

He went to visit the Temple.

He took the time to look at everything. He saw the beauty of the buildings. He saw the priests carrying out their rituals. He saw the people bringing their sacrifices to the priests. He saw it all.


The Lord Jesus came to the nation of Israel as prophesied.

But many were not ready for His coming.

The nation of Israel as a whole rejected Him as King of the Jews. They eventually crucified Him.

But a remnant received Him.


The Lord Jesus Christ is here.

We must acknowledge His presence and glorify Him.


Are we ready?

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