Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rahab Accepted God

Joshua 2:9-11

Not only did Rahab hear the message of Israel's God, she heeded that message as well.

This message produced a response of faith in Rahab's heart.


The fact that Rahab believed the message was proven by what she said about God.

In verse 9, she called Him "the LORD", using His covenant name "Jehovah."

In verse 11, she expressed her faith in Him as the "God in heaven above and on the earth below."

In verse 12, she again expressed her faith in God as she called Him to witness the pact she was about to make with the spies.


Rahab heard the message and she acted on it in belief.

She put her faith in the God of Israel!


This is exactly what must happen in the life of the lost person who comes to Jesus.

He must hear the message and then act on it by accepting Jesus as his Savior by faith.


The message of salvation is preached to the sinner.

They hear the Gospel and are convicted of the truth of the Gospel by the Holy Spirit (John 6:44).

When they believe the Gospel, they are saved by the grace of God.


Salvation cannot be ours if our faith is in anything else but Jesus Christ and His finished work.

Nothing else can save us!


We must accept the Lord Jesus Christ.

We must have faith in Him and His finished work.

Nothing else can save us!

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