Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rahab's Spiritual Failures

Joshua 2:1


Rahab Was A Defiled Sinner

Rahab was a prostitute.

She was engaged in a wicked lifestyle, selling her body to men for money.

Her life was a life of deep depravity and wickedness.


Rahab is a picture of every person who is lost in sin.

They are in a helpless and hopeless situation.

Their lifestyle is wicked in the eyes of the Lord.


Rahab Was A Dead Sinner

Rahab was living her life, but spiritually she was dead in her sins.


This is the condition of every person outside of a relationship with the Lord Jesus.

They are dead to God and to all He represents.

And they will face the Second Death (Rom. 6:23; Rev. 20:11-15).


Rahab Was A Doomed Sinner

Rahab lived in a city that had already been selected for destruction.

God had already determined that Jericho would fall!

The people living there might felt confident and reasonably safe behind the walls of their city.

But God had already passed sentence upon them, and they were doomed to destruction!


Every lost sinner is in the same situation!

They may feel secure and may not believe that there is any danger.

The Bible tells us that the lost are condemned already (John 3:18).

It tells us that they abide under the wrath of God (John 3:36).

It tells us that their ultimate destiny is eternity in Hell, to be forever separated from the presence of God (Psa. 9:17; 2 Thes. 1:8-9).


In spite of her lifestyle, in spite of her pagan background, in spite of her lost condition, God had given Rahab forty years of grace, mercy and warning.


Likewise, God has given us enough time to repent and to receive Him.

God had touched our heart many times before.

Oh! What a gracious God we serve!


But there is a limit to patience in calling the lost to come to Him for salvation.


It is a dangerous thing to delay coming to the Lord!


We must wait no more!

We must come to Jesus now while He is calling us!

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