Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Some Old Story...On Rubber Slippers

In the olden days, wearing rubber slippers was a luxury.

Not many folks in the countryside and villages could afford them.

Many children were seen walking and running around barefoot. And I was no exception.

Children presented with a pair of rubber slippers (during festive season) would giggle, laugh out loud, smile from ear to ear...

They would then walk slowly and carefully, then leaping and running around faster and faster, and disappeared many miles after that with their relatives, friends and neighbors...

It didn't matter if the slippers were of different sizes!

It didn't matter if they were of different colors!

It didn't matter if they were of different patterns and designs!

It didn't matter if they had a rubber slipper with a leather slipper or a worn-out adult shoe!

They were slippers!

And they were nice to wear!

And they gave comfort to their feet and protected them from thorns, sharp stones and bones, hot soil...

"Oh! How I wish I have a pair of slippers!" Children would cried and screamed and dreamed!

In the modern days...

No many children care to understand the meaningful joy and the true happiness of a pair of simple slippers.

Maybe they will understand someday...

... We really need to be thankful for what we are and what we have...

... Though it may just be a simple slippers.

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