Sunday, March 1, 2009

Thank You, My Love

I don’t believe in love at first sight, and I never will. Loving someone takes times and efforts. True love is meant to stand through the good and desperate times.

But that day when we met for the first time, we were really attracted and attached to one another. Now as I ponder further into our love, I realize that God has drawn us together as one body; we belong to one another.

I still remember that day when our friends introduced us. We looked at one another for a long, long time. I think we didn’t blink our eyes until our cheeks blossomed in sweet sweet smiles and laughter.

Somehow we were oblivious of the people around us. Somehow our family, our friends, and our colleagues didn't matter much to us that day. I don’t remember hearing anything except my breathing and the abnormally fast throbbing of my heart as I stood besides you.

I didn’t know where I found the courage to grab hold of some roses for you. I remembered I was pricked by the thorns but I felt no pains as I looked into your sparkling eyes. They are so beautiful.

I did’nt know how I found the courage to say that you are beautiful. But since then I have sealed my love just to you.

It seemed we had so much to say that day but we spent much times sitting and leaning against one another in silence.

Everyone who passed by greeted us warmly with smiles and laughter, but they are sporting enough to leave us alone. Oh yeah, I remembered seeing some cute children teasing us and we were beaming with smiles.

Somehow other people didn't look as pretty and handsome as us that day. LOL.

Now I am looking at you, nudging into me for the past 20 years. I plant you a kiss. You are still sleeping, swelling with a smile always.

Thank you my dear wife for being so understanding and helpful to me for so many years.


Pankaj Patil said...

Friend ,

Great !!!
Hats of to you.

PJ said...

having a love like that is truly a blessing. very beautiful words...

Franklin said...

A very touching post :) I can feel the love from your words, definitely!

And one more thing, thank you for being one of my February top EC dropper! Thanks for your support :)

Karen said...

Oh, this is so sweet!

Me said...

So sweet...

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