Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Are You Satisfied?

Adam is created a loner. He is to take care of the Garden of Eden. God has filled the Garden with plenty of beautiful fauna and flora. The natural landscape is just amazing, and rivers of running water flowing through the areas.

Adam is amply provided. There are varieties of fruit-bearing trees and seed-producing trees. There are different herbal plants for various purposes. There are all types of flowers and plants. Life is wonderful and satisfying. But Adam is not happy.

Adam is surrounded with beautiful scenery. There are mountains ranges, low hills, flat plateaus and plains. There are snow and rain. There are cool wind and breeze blowing everywhere. There is fair and sunny weather. There are cold and refreshing streams and waterfalls. There are sunlight, moonlight, and starlight. Life is so nice and stimulating. But Adam is lonely.

Adam has many friends. All types of animals and creatures are with him. They are all friendly and kind, and Adam can even call them by name. There are also birds in the air and fish in the water. They are reptiles, amphibians, and many different types of inserts. It is like living in a never-ending fairy tale. But Adam continues to sigh and groan.

Adam is lonely, seeking after a partner of his kind. There is so much love to cherish. There is so much feeling to share. And there is so much knowledge to impart. Adam needs someone who understands him, cares for him, and fills him with that wonderful feeling called love. Adam finally cries out to God for a life partner.

Eve is wonderfully provided for Adam to assist and complement him. Eve is truly Adam's perfect love. Adam is not lonely anymore.

When we are contented and life is satisfying, we live life to the fullest, sharing with someone we truly love and cherish. But when we are not contented and life is no more satisfying, we start to put blames on one another.

Adam and Eve finally fall to the temptation of the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. And they no longer live in peace and harmony with anyone, including themselves. And the sad fact of their life is that they are separated from God and chased out of the beautiful Garden of Eden.

Now we are called to manage our life. God has given abundantly our needs for talents. We are well-equipped with all that we are called to do. Life is tiring but fulfilling. And we are satisfied.

Yes, many of us are lonely, ever seeking someone to share our love. And somehow somewhere somewhat God provides us with a life partner. We live together, full of many happy moments.

Are we feeling contented and satisfied? Or are we still chasing meaninglessly after the wind of life?

What God wants us to do is simply this: to worship and to enjoy Him with a simple and contented lifestyle.

Are you in?

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