Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Helping Hand

Helping someone in needs can be very fulfilling and satisfying.

It gives us better days. It gives us good thoughts and great feelings. It instills in us the desire and the zeal to do more good deeds.

Helping someone who cannot return our favors is really great. We can see their gratitude in their sparkling eyes. We can feel their overflowing joy that fills their hearts. We can enjoy their companies and the closeness of their fellowship.

But doing favor to those who never ask for help can have serious repercussions. They may not treasure or appreciate our offer, they may even look at us scornfully, and they may be full of criticism and bad reviews.

Sometimes we feel like giving up doing all good deeds. It can be very disheartening and discouraging when our free and willing services are not even acknowledged. It can be really hurt when others suspect us of bad motives and selfish intentions. Whatever it is, let us not refrained from doing good deeds to others.

Good or bad deeds always have its own rewards and punishments. And God is not blind. He will never forget a cheerful giver and a selfish and self-centered evil person.

Yeah, sometimes we do grumble when we do not receive our rewards. But as we ponder over, we realize that God has indeed blessed us many times over without we realizing them.

We are happy that everyone in the family is healthy and strong.

We are happy that all our children are diligent and hardworking in their studies and works.

We are happy that we are always surrounded by our family and friends who have never ceased to bring us joy, love, peace and hope.

We are happy that our living conditions have greatly improved over the years and we are now enjoying a higher and better standard of living.

Each day always brings us fresh hope. Each hope is always so fulfilling and satisfying. Day by day, blessing after blessing have been our manna and our drink. We lack nothing and we are always blessed in all good things.

Come what may, our God is working behind the scene, making our lives better all the way through thick and thin.

And who can say that God never bless a helping hand?

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sant said...

its really nice to read your article ......... i must say.... today there are not so many peoples are there who want to help out other who are in need.........