Thursday, June 11, 2009

Admiring Nature

Nature displays its glory and splendor, its knowledge and wisdom, its beauty and serenity, its harmony and perfection, and its many unsolved mysteries and secrets.

Now, it's now up to us to explore and develop, to take to heart and enjoy, to treasure and to share the many truths we are led to understand as the Almighty God patiently unveils and guides us into all truths.

Some of us are led to enjoy Its glory and splendor. They see the Almighty God as the marvelous Creator who has made everything good for man. They see the grace and mercy of God in preserving and sustaining the nature to its perfection. And they continue to praise and submit to Him who has provided and supervised their daily needs and wants.

Some of us are led to enjoy its knowledge and wisdom. They explore the minute details of God's creation. Nature has provided them with so much knowledge and wisdom that will take them many generations of research and observation to understand just a glimpse of the revealed truths.

Some of us are led to enjoy its beauty and serenity, its harmony and perfection. They love outdoor activities, sightseeing and tour, photography and video taking, music and rhythm, meditation and spiritual activities, and they enjoy living in harmony with nature and life, and completely removed from the hustle and bustle of human activities.

Some of us are led to enjoy its many unsolved mysteries and secrets. They develop and employ many theories and hypothesis to explain the unsolved and the unresolved phenomena in nature. Many scientific measurements and tests are carried out. Such perceptions and judgments extend our knowledge beyond our mere concepts of things, and make us mindful and fearful of God the Creator.

Nature continues to inspire us into many areas of learning. And the Almighty God continues to lead us into all understanding. But do we feel a sense of awe for God's presence in our world?

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Tomas Karkalas said...

what a beautiful photo. I was attracted by it at a glimpse and thus read further text with great interest. It doubled my positive emotions hundredfold- fired me with the gratitude to God.
Thank you for so lovely awakening. Your posts dress my emotions with consciousness and thus help me to grow in self-knowledge, empower me to love my neighbor more - inspire me to share with other all I have the best more passionately.