Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Another Bus Service Is Gone

A public bus transport company is closing operations this coming Christmas.

After operating for 56 years, the company has to shut down due to heavy annual losses.

The company had its golden era during the 60s, when there were few private transport around. Most of the buses were fully packed with 70-80 people day and night.

The company was doing well and expanding fast, taking over other bus company and new bus routes.

I could still remember how the bus conductor charged everyone in the bus according to their heights, which always put me in the disadvantage....

As the bus company prospered, special monthly bus fare for students and old folks was introduced.

And the good news was that there were always enough buses around to cater for early birds and the midnight movie goers.

The bus transport company had really done a great service to the people in the city and the nearby districts and towns....

During its prime, it had more than 120 buses and provided jobs for more than 200 workers.

But today there are only 60 workers, majority of which are in their 40s and 60s, and the oldest is already in his 80s....

As the saying goes, things don't always stay the same.

As the economy of the country booms, more people could afford to buy cars and motorbikes, and less people would prefer to use public transport.

And the developmental needs of the rural people required the government authorities to legalize private van transport services to cater for the daily needs and wants of the country people.

What happens next was beyond control....

More and more private transport services moved freely in the city, districts and towns.

Competitions between the bus company and the private transport services became fiercer and tougher....

As a result, the bus company was incurring losses of hundreds of thousands every year.

In order to sustain the business, pieces of land and properties had to be sold....

The bus company held discussions and negotiations with the government authorities to resolve the situation. But no effective measure was taken.

For the past 10 years, more and more legalized and illegal private transport services abounded everywhere and at every time.

The board of directors finally came to this decision: The bus company must stop operations.

It was reported in the paper that another bus transport company would take over, to run the city and the international airport.

But can it withstand the onslaughts?

And how about those bus routes that had been abandoned?

Now that another bus service is gone, it leaves us with much feeling of hopelessness and frustration.

Will the bus service be gone forever from this country?

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