Thursday, December 3, 2009

Engagement Announcement

My brother gave me a call last week....

... His daughter is getting engaged this Saturday.

Time flies so fast........

She is in her mid 20s now.

She has completed her degree course and has worked as a temporary teacher in my school.

And now she is getting ready for her engagement.

And that is how life works: it waits for no one.

There will be a gathering and we are all looking towards it.

We will have fun and wonderful time when we meet the rest of the family members.

Now that our parents are gone, our family ties are getting better and stronger.

We are more sensitive and responsive to each other's needs and wants.

We are more helpful, loving and kind to one another.

I presume it takes times, efforts, and determinations to foster, maintain and strengthen relationships and ties.

And that is what we do and continue to do ever since we lost our parents.

It gives us great joy and comfort to behold the ever expanding family.

I can still remember the broad smile on my late mother's face when she counted and recounted the number of grandchildren and great grandchildren that she had........

Yah... Time flies so fast.

People come people go, but memories remain forever.

All my best wishes to my niece who has made up her mind for her engagement.

May God bless you and keep you two forever in his grace!

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Angel said...

Congratulations to your brother and your whole family.. Not long after this, there'll be another additional member to the family then..

In my case, lucky my folks haven't asked me the "when is it my turn" question yet. I'll give it another 3 years I hope! :D