Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Computer Died

My computer crashed!

It was a miserable early morning when this happened.

It was the Acer TravelMate 3210 model which I bought 5 years back.

And today was the first time I reformated it.

It was one of my better computers which seldom gave me trouble.

I had upgraded the RAM to 2 GB beginning of this year and it sped so much that I didn't have to sit down like a log again.

But today it just refused to boot to the XP window.

The famous Microsoft Blue Screen of Death had finally decided to show its ugly face.

Sigh 3 times (don't too longer, not good!)

Time to reformat.............

I had to change the boot sequence to CD-Rom drive as the first boot.

Then insert the system disc... the reformat started off well and I was smiling happily to myself (Imagine the grins of a middle aged computer zombie?!)......Then the instruction to insert the Recovery disc 1......Then the Recovery disc 2........My heart went throbbing faster and harder......My breathing was shorter and quicker....the waiting was the hardest part.....a lot of prayer was offered LOL....and.... tried very hard not to go to the washroom....


Wow! I finally made it!

I smiled to myself from ear to ear.

Today I had learnt something....

....... don't panic, it is not the end of the world.

....... reason well and think through, the problem at hand may not necessarily be difficult or braincracking.

....... try no gain.

Life is a journey of discoveries.

Everyday has its own thrills, challenges, and rewards.

You may wait til you are older and readier.....

.....or you may always rely on others to help you and make money from you.......

..... or you may just read more resounces and tips.... try and try and try.... somehow somewhere there maybe a good solution.

Computers may crash, people may die, relationships may fall apart..... but don't make them a big deal.

...... enjoy life and enjoy solving problems in life.

...... live to the fullest and put the past behind.

Of course, if the problem is beyond our capability and control, then we have to seek for professionals.

But sometimes, problem is not problem if we are willing and ready to try.

I smile to myself :) ..... now that my computer is alive and well.... :) .... and new :)........ LOL


Chie Wilks said...

what a coincidence..same thing happened to me early this morning...i was booted and everything's all's good i have recovery disk for my computer

Cinnamon said...

My hard drive died yesterday morning. Last night i spent an hour recovering 90% of the files. I can hear the drive spinning and stalling whenever it encounters a bad sector and unrecoverable file. I feel like watching an old person dying. Except this hard drive is only about 11 months old.

SANDY said...

Groan, we use our computers so much it is frustrating when they don't work. Glad you're up and running again.


Jena Isle said...

Good for you, do, there is no try. When things happen, you can survive, it's not the end of the world.